Cross Gene releases limited edition album with Swarovski Elements

The Korean-Chinese-Japanese “idol” group Cross Gene has released a special edition album with a world-renowned brand, Swarovski Elements. On June 11, the group began sales for its debut mini-album Timeless-Begins, and on the 18th, the sales for special edition, so called “luxury package,” hit the market. As a multi-cultural “idol,” Cross Gene has shown great potential in the industry. The limited edition was especially designed by 115-year-old crystal brand Swarovski Elements in wishing for a successful launch of the group. In Korea, the album will be sold in limited edition. This special album has a cover made of silver material which emphasizes on a differentiated design from the previous black cover. Also, six crystals of Swarovski Elements are engraved above the Cross Gene logo, which is created after an image of a gene, adding more meaning to it. Each crystal on the design represents the members Shin, Takuya, Casper, Sangmin, J.G, and Yongseok in the shape of shining stars. As much as it is special in various ways, music fans recognize its high quality and find it worth to keep. The boys became center of attention as soon as they debuted, and their collaboration work with a famous world brand gives another glimpse of the group’s distinctive level of march in the industry. People are becoming more curious of their further activities. The group is currently busy giving performances of the title track “La-Di Da-Di” and is considered as the greatest rising star during the latter half of the year 2012. Source: Star Daily News

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