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This is the life right? I lay back sipping on sweet red wine and looking at the view of the city from our balcony. I'm rich, beautiful, and adorned by 4 handsome talented men. Some people would disagree with our lifestyle but it works for us. My husbands/mates are part of a clan called the Dragon Clan. I'm part of the clan too but they were born and raised. My husbands and their friends are going to be the next generation of leaders of the clan. Me I'm the 1st lady and was given this title before I married my mates. Yes my godfather Mr. Wang is the current Chief and elder of all Dragon clans but I did put it work. In this clan a female can have multiple husbands.

I exhale and then my brown eyes glaze over a shadow that resembled Jimin's body. Jimin smiled as he lifted me out my seat to sit down and put me on his lap. He smelled so good and looked good in his fitted black shirt and leather jacket.

"You know it is date night. All this time I thought you were getting ready baby."

I smile exposing my fangs. "You know I get easily distracted baby. Look at the scene below us." I said.

I stood up to get ready for Jimin's and I date night. Jimin grinned and smacked my butt. I let out a moan. He knows that is one of my weaknesses.

" Baby stop it or else." I said seductively.

"Oh what?" Jimin smirked and then sucked his bottom lip.

"I will demand that you fuck me." I said while walking away.

"We have all night baby for that!" Jimin shouted.

After going out we returned home. It was odd that no one was home. But we low key didn't care.Jimin picked me up while patting my butt. I laughed as we went to the bedroom.

"Now we can be as loud as we want." Jimin grinned.

Jimin was quick and ripped off my sundress. He knew I had on no panties and he quickly flipped me over onto my stomach exposing my bare deep brown ass. Jimin licked his lips and began spanking me. I moaned and faked like I was trying to get away.

Jimin grabbed my leg. "Don't make daddy chase you."

He opened my legs and spanked my womanhood. The contact caused me to moan. I was already wet and low key embarrassed. Jimin grinned and licked his pink plump lips.

Jimin leaned in a kissed me lips. His lips were so soft. He teased me with his fingers as his tongue explored mine.

"Damn such a dirty baby girl. I won't tease you too much."

Jimin pulled my legs back and plunged deep without mercy. I groaned to the spasm my dripping core made. Thank God I was flexible. Jimin was hitting my spot.

I loved hearing his moaning. Sounded so sexy and angelic at the same time. Jimin smelled so good. I inhaled his cooling water scent as the room was full of moans and skin slapping.

"Shit Daddy yasss! I moaned loudly."

Suddenly Yoongi opened the door. "You called me princess?"

Jimin face turned red. "Bro get the fuck out of here."

Jimin threw a pillow at him.

Yoongi slammed the door and I could hear him laughing with Namjoon and Hobi.

We all was out in sunny California in vacation. We were staying in one of our luxury beach houses. Jimin was looking up things to on the beach. Yoongi was sleeping in late. I was in the kitchen cutting up some fresh fruit to eat. Hobi had his arming wrapped around me as I gave his a taste of strawberry. He snuck in a kiss to my neck trying to distract me. Namjoon was across the island in the kitchen smirking. I tossed him a piece of pineapple.

"Ah they have a carnival we could go to." Jimin yelled from the living room.

"That sounds like fun and we could catch some rays." I said.

"I thought vampires hated the sun." Namjoon said while chuckling.

"Well I'm half vampire and I'm a direct descendant of the 1st vampires, so yeah I'm sun proof. I'm not weak like these fake made vampires. I was born into the royal vampire clan." I said feeling like I'm on a soap box.

Hobi began stroking my skin. " Sun proof? The sun has to give you this beautiful brown skin baby."

Namjoon walked toward me and put the knife away while pushing me away from the kitchen island so he could stand in front of me. He lifted my head and grinned.

"How about you let us have a taste of that brown sugar, and we let you know how good it is."

Before I could answer Hobi and Namjoon were carrying me to the bedroom. Yoongi was in the bed passed out. Hobi and Namjoon tossed him out the bed and slammed the door.

"What the fuck man?! The King was sleep you assholes." Yoongi yelled.

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