Namjoon: God of Destruction

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My Myth: Lightning and Thunder


I'm the wife of the God of Destruction. His name is Kim Namjoon. He earned this title by our fellow gods here in realm 7 the realm on the gods. I think the God of all things that taste good, Jin started this nickname. My title I am the Goddess of things that are sacred.

As any god Namjoon is handsome and very talented. I mean his looks has the God of beauty underwear in a knot!

Anyways I was in the kitchen with Jin cooking up a storm...not literally lol. Jungkook was coming of age and Namjoon and I were expecting our first child. We were just going to have a huge celebration. The young gods of video gaming V and Jungkook were playing videos as usual creating impossible spells to unlock on games. Namjoon was with Yoongi the God of Lyrical War and Hobi the God of Sunshine. Jimin the Sea God was following behind them in the studio. Altogether the boys ruled over the realm of music, dance, and art.

Jin was telling his story about how humble he was for picking to be the God of all things that tasted good instead of the God of beauty. He always cracked me up.

"I mean should I be the God of humbleness? Everyone knows I'm the most God in the universe!" Jin said while packing the kimchi.

"Yes Jin. I have no idea where is the source of your humbleness and beauty. I know you will snag more worshipers." I laugh and began making the rice cakes.

After cooking Jin and I took a break while we had Jimin and Hobi set the table. Jungkook was greeting the guests along with V. My stomach began cramping as I felt my stomach drop. The baby was going nuts. Jin seen my panic face.

"Is it time? Are you okay?" Jin said while rubbing my stomach.

I bite down on my full bottom lip and inhale. "No it is not time Jin. You know while Namjoon is full Yong I am a half breed of light and darkness. Sometimes they fight. Have Namjoon get my sacred shard to help calm down the baby."

Jin ran to Namjoon. "Your wife needs her sacred jewel. She asked me to ask you to get it."

Yoongi laughed. "Are you sure about that? We all know that he is clumsy as fuck."

"Shut up Yoongi and help settle down the party. What is getting a small jewel. She holds it all the time. Whatever my wife needs I can get." Namjoon rolled his eyes and went to grab the jewel hidden under a glass dome.

Namjoon made sure to take his time walking to avoid tripping. The sacred jewel was important to the heavens and earth. This is what kept balance between the two. His wife has been in many battles to obtain this jewel and tame the power. He had to not fuck up.

Finally Namjoon seen his wife rubbing her stomach and Jin was fanning her down. She smiled as she locked eyes with him.

"Baby I have the jewel. I made all the way here." Namjoon extended his arm to hand the jewel over.


Suddenly Hobi came out of nowhere and slapped Namjoon on the butt while cheering about the party. Namjoon jumped and the jewel hit the patio floor making a huge doom sound that rippled through all the realms all the way to the human world. The bright glass jewel broke in tiny pieces scattering all across the sky flying through all the realms to fall upon earth causing another thud and a light show.


This event is what the humans call the creation of thunder and lightning. The humans even go as far as to say that Namjoon and his wife had their army to descend upon the earth to collect the pieces before the darkness took over. All the shards were not collected but when each piece was found the piece was ascended to realm six causing a flash in the sky. The loud thunder sounds were the sounds of the immortal soldiers feet against the cold earth I'm battle with the darkness for the shard.

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