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Hi there fellow vinglers ☺️ I hope you all are doing well~ so this is post that I made a while back on amino and I thought “why not share this on Vingle?”


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I have had two Siamese cats in my life and they were both very independent but leader like cats. One of them had a set of kittens and she took very good care of them even though they all had problems when they were born. She was a great mother and knew what she was doing. Just like Chan~


I thought this kitty went really well with Woojin. It just looks like it’s got a good and happy spirit and for some reason it’s ears reminded me of Woojin!


Honestly the instant I saw this kitty, I just knew I wanted to pick this one for Lee Know. It’s eyes are just so pretty and I can’t stop looking at them. Just like how I can’t stop looking at Lee Know~


This is another one of those kittens that the instant I saw it, I just knew this kitten had to be Changbin! The kitty is both dark and cute at the same time. Just like our Changbin~


So I wasn’t too sure which kitty to choose for Hyunjin but I think this one works really well. Hyunjin is unique and adorable- just like this kitten~


Jisung has a special place in my heart, which is why I chose this specific kitty for him. Meet my kitten Edgar. He was my best friend when I was kid, but he passed away a quite a few years ago. I loved him so much. The reason I chose Edgar for Jisung is because Jisung was my very first bias in Stray Kids~


Felix had a request to be a calico kitty and I thought that this kitten fit just perfectly! This is a kitten that I could almost not refuse. Just like it’s hard for me not to be bias wrecked by Felix all the time! Oh and they both look like they could participate in a pageant~


So, I’m not going to lie. I already see Seungmin as a kitten. Like I see no difference. They are both just so fluffy and cute and adorable!!!


I just thought this was super cute and matched our little happy ray of sunshine we call our Maknae~ I love Jeongin so much and I just think he deserves the world- just like this kitten does!

Well that’s it for my post ☺️ I hope you all liked and enjoyed my post and thank you for viewing!

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