Tips to Make your Windshield Wipers Last Longer

We all want our car glass and wipers to last longer. To ensure their durability and longevity, it is important that we purchase them from a reputed manufacturing company. But besides that, how we maintain them also plays an important role and affects the longevity of the car glass and wipers. It is advised to get the windshield wipers replaced every six months for ideal visibility and safety of the passengers. However, here we have listed a few tips by which you can make your windshield wipers last longer.

Park the car in a shade: the maintenance of wiper blades varies from region to region, depending on the climatic conditions. If you reside in an area where there is ample sunshine, it is advised that you park your car in the shade, whenever not in use. This is because direct heat of the sun dries out the rubber of the wipers. This not just reduces the flexibility of the wipers but also affects the performance of the blades. If left untreated, they will harden up and can cause scratches on the windshield.

Clean the wipers regularly: as we all know, keeping anything clean and spotless adds to its longevity and durability. Same goes with windshield wipers. However, it is important that you use the right liquids to clean them. Rubbing wipers with alcohol helps in cleaning the blades without affecting its quality or performance. Glass cleaning solutions are also effective and work well for windshield wipers. Make sure you clean them gently with a soft cloth.

Don’t use wiper blades on a dry windshield: this is something that many people tend to ignore. While the driver may not see any harm in using wiper blades on a dry windshield, but the fact is that it causes significant damage to the windshield. This is because when you use them on dry screen, friction is created between the wipers and the screen and wears out the wipers prematurely. You would not want the windshield to be damaged and pay for the Santro front glass price of your car just because you didn’t follow this simple rule. So to increase the lifespan of the wipers and windshield, make sure you do not use wiper blades on a dry windshield.

Keep the windshield clean: to increase the life of the wiper blades it is important that you clean the windscreen regularly. You can use a piece of cloth or sponge to remove dust and debris from the car window glass and the windshield. Regular cleaning will prevent chances of unwanted friction between the blades and the glass and thus increase the life of the windshield wipers.

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