If VIXX Was Brooklyn Nine-Nine

I have been obsessed with Brooklyn 99 lately and I hope some of you enjoy this!

Jake Peralta - Ken

Overall great guy but also can be super dumb and WAY TOO HYPER

Amy Santiago - Hakyeon

Teachers pet, goody two shoes, but super smart

Captain Holt - Taekwoon

Very very rarely shows emotion but when he does its epic

Gina Linetti - Hongbin

"the human form of the 100 emoji"

Rosa Diaz - Hyuk

can be very scary but overall badass

Charles Boyle - Hakyeon

fan girls for his friends, is very weird but great

Terry Jeffords - Ravi

tough on the outside, super softie on the inside

Hitchcock and Scully - Ken and Hyuk

idek hahahahahahahhahaha trouble

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