Kim Soo Hyun releases support music video ‘Marine Boy’ for Park Tae Hwan

Actor Kim Soo Hyun will be visiting London next month in support of swimmer Park Tae Hwan! As a special event sponsored by Samsung Electronics, Kim Soo Hyun and nine lucky fans will be heading to London on July 27th for a five day stay. Titled ‘Flying 9 to London with Kim Soo Hyun‘, the actor and his fans will be able to enjoy a special vacation together chock full of memories along with a final stop in support of Park Tae Hwan on the 28th ahead of his match. An event official stated, “The nine winners will be leaving through the Incheon Airport for a special vacation in London with Kim Soo Hyun. They’ll earn the opportunity to personally support Park Tae Hwan’s match on July 28th.” @allkpop

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