Seventeen minutes in heaven-Chapter 3: Mingyu

Hello fellow vinglers! Here is the next chapter of Seventeen minutes in heaven. This one was requested by@Tiffiedannie who suggested Mingyu. Be ready readers, cuz this one is very dirty!

Warning! Smut Fluff For mature readers only Freaky kinky Nasty scenes Graphic fan fiction Scroll down at your own risk

Chapter 3: Mingyu Wangshen sat down in front of the bottle as she got it and gave it a spin. “My turn!” She announced as the bottle was spinning. The bottle slowed down as it landed on... Mingyu and Mary. “Oh my goodness!” Mary said as she hid her face in her hands blushing to herself. Mingyu was all smiles and excited to be in the closet with his date. “Girl, I bet you’re going to be fine in there! Once he done pleasing you, you’re going to feel like bliss!” Veronica told Mary. “Ok, that makes me feel better.” Mary said as she got up and went to the closet with Mingyu close behind. Once the two are in the closet, they lock the door and wait for the cue to start. “Seventeen minutes!” Minghao announces as he started the timer. Mingyu grabbed Mary by the waist as he kissed her cheek, neck, shoulder and forehead and then he stood in front of her, held her head in his large hands and kissed her softly, but passionately as he deepened the kiss when she pulled him close to her as her hands were resting on his lower back. He finger combed her hair as she crawled her fingers under his shirt, slowly lifting it up to his neck when he stopped to pull it off his body. She looked at his torso as she felt his chest, moving her hands up and down from his neck, to his biceps and down to the v line as she traced it and slipped her hands in his pants. “Like what you see?” Mingyu asked. “Yes, I love your body!!!!!” She told him. He kissed her roughly as he undid his pants until they dropped to the floor. He pressed his body on hers as he rubbed his erection against her clothed lady bits which were soaking due to the pressure of his junk as she quickly pushed off her black pants and rosy panties and melted under his irresistible movements. “Someone’s excited.” Mingyu smirked. Mary lifted her shirt over her head as she threw it down next to Mingyu’s pants. He resumed kissing her lips as he undid her bra when she pulled down his thin underwear and pumped his hard rod which was leaking with precum all over the tip. She lowers herself down on her knees as she licked up the precum and sucked only his tip and pumped his rod from base to tip at a fast pace. Mingyu’s head was back as he let out lewd sounds which only made her speed up the pumps until he squirted his juices in her mouth as her hands moved to his hips as she sucked him whole and blowed on his pole, making sure all of his juices were swallowed in her throat. She moved her head away from his junk as she stood up with her hands on his shoulders and kissed him lightly until he pinned her body in the wall again as he rubbed his rod in between her buns, poking the tip at her hole. “Ugh! Mingyu, cut that out and enter me already!” Mary moaned as he gripped her thigh which made her jump onto his waist as he pushed his pole inside of her making her scream. She held onto Mingyu as he kissed her lips and smacked himself deep within her body, drilling his rod inside her, making her feel like her stomach popped until he found her sweet spot. Once he found that spot, he made sure to touch her there every time he snapped his hips making his rod stretch even further into her body. “Oh Mingyu, I feel like I’m gonna explode!” Mary said. “Hold on baby, Ugh! You feel amazing! Ugh!” Mingyu said as her walls were squeezing the base of his rod insanely hard, tightening the area so much, he could hardly handle the incredible pressure. “Ugh I’m cumming sweet heart!” Mingyu said as he felt himself about to squirt again. Mary felt her stomach in a knot until it untied as her walls released his rod and she released her liquids, milking his pole as he squirted his juices inside of her. Their juices mixed inside of her as they waited until they were done leaking. Mingyu slowly pulled out and once the tip came out it made a loud pop. “That was crazy wasn’t it?!” Mingyu said. “Absolutely. Worth doing it again at home.” Mary replied. “Time!” Minghao announces as he opened the door to find their clothes scattered all over the closet as Mary and Mingyu were still inside the closet just to the left of the door. “Okay, I’ll give you some time to put your clothes back on.” Minghao said as he closed the door. “We need to get dressed.” Mary said as she looked for her clothes and put them back on. Mingyu followed suit as he dressed himself. “Ready to go back out again?” Mingyu asked. “Yep. Let’s go.” Mary replied. Mingyu knocked the door as Minghao opened it back up for them. The couple walked out of the closet and to the bottle again.

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