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The salamander is a famous and yet mysterious creation from the myths of Greece and the Middle Ages. She was considered a tiny lizard living in a fire. Alchemists and magicians revered it as an incarnate symbol of fire, a fiery spirit. In total there are four elementals, the personification of the elements - undines, gnomes, sylphs and salamanders. Belief in this supernatural lizard, living in the fire, did not cease to exist until the end of the Renaissance. Many people saw in the tongues of flame the dance of the lurid lizards. Scammers used to trade fabrics woven from asbestos, exposing them to the skin of mythical creatures from fire. Sometimes it was claimed that the fire lizard is so cold that one of its touch to the fire extinguishes even the most powerful flame, and to touch it - how to touch the bare hand of ice. It was believed that it was poisonous. This poison poisoned food and water. For the medieval alchemists, it symbolized the philosopher's stone. For Christians, it was a symbol of the opposition of a sinless soul to the base and sinful urges of the body. In addition, the fire lizard was a heraldic being, like the simplicissimus. In the heraldic symbols of the salamander, surrounded by tongues of flame, she spoke of steadfastness and contempt for danger.

The fiery magical salamander is made of polymer clay, tinted with pastel. The eyes are decorated with glitter. In this composition, she guards the magical artifact. On the stone is a symbol of fire.

Hello. I create fantasy figurines & magic decorations from polymer clay.
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