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Liquid Courage Is Best Served Cold... And In A Frosty Glass

Sehun slammed his beer on the table. The others stopped and looked at him. He blinked his drunken eyes at them, his mouth turned into a frown.

“Bastard. That Zitao was always like that. I should go and give him a piece of my mind but first, I'm going to knock his head around, then I'm going to take him over my head and slam his body into the ground. Then I'm going to take my woman and leave him crying in the dirt.” He laughed at himself thinking about it. He got up staggering a bit, swaying from one side to another.

Jongdae jumped up next, clenching his fists, punching the air in front of him, “That Zitao… I always wanted to punch in the eye.”

“YEAH! Let's go kick his ass Jongdae!” Sehun hollered.

Chanyeol reached over and grabbed therm both by the arm, making them sit back down, “Sit down, you can't even stand straight. Sit down!”

Luhan put his arm round Sehun, “It's okay. I told you, it's taken care of.”

Sehun gazed at him with his half opened lids, “You keep saying that, what exactly is going to happen?”

“Luhan is being mysterious. That's just how he is.” Xiumin said.

Luhan chewed his thumb nail mindlessly.

“He's too tight lipped. He won't say anything.” Baekhyun commented taking a swig of his drink. “Look at him, trying to be sly.”

“If he wasn't sly, he wouldn't be where he is right now.” Xiumin said in defense.

“True.” Baekhyun agreed.

“Hey… just tell us.” Sehun said

All eyes were on Luhan.

He sat quietly for a minute. Thinking. A smile appeared, “All in good time.”

“What about my wife?” Sehun asks.

Luhan looks at his watch. “I think we need to be on our way.”

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