Enchained, bruised, yet smiling, he stood on the podium of death,

Gazing into the vast horizons of dust, all eyes fixated on him,

He filled the atmosphere with his aura, the crowd, their cheers, their cries,

For he was at the mercy of the executioner, his masters and their pretty lies,

His face wore his smile persistently, his head held high, eyes shining,

For he was looking beyond the dungeon dug down his feet,

Flock of gulls carrying the east winds across the horizon,

Amidst their journey, they flew, they grew, they looked one,

He was standing, the stage was set, the podium dug, the rope tightened,

Licking his lips with his tongue, he took a deep breath, the crowd now silent,

Worthless could be his deeds, but his words shook the dust,

“All for one and one for all”, he said, while the heads looked confused,

These crippling words resonated inside each head, inside the winds,

Flowing through his mind were the thoughts of his broken dreams,

He fell like a feather torn apart from the beautiful wings,

About to hang in the air, where he once flew, where once he lived,

His body soft like a feather were about to meet the softer hemp,

But his words, like Hermes, carried his burden, carried his Icarus,

Audience watching his deeds wrapped their hands in embrace,

The dreams were to shatter, the hopes were to be disgraced,

For a feather had fallen, yet the wings stood strong,

Carrying their beliefs, carrying their sudden burial of hopes,

They went across the horizons once more, flying, leaving the feather fallen,

Fallen, hung by the hemp, he was melted amidst his legend,

For dreams, hopes, emotions are shattered, are crippled, are broken,

But All for one and one for all, they need to fly for Icarus to be born.

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