Announcing Vingle's First Presidents: Our Pioneers!

Hi Vinglers!

It's time for a Congratulations!

Our very first Presidents have been appointed! Because of their commitment and love for their community, the first Presidents are honored with the title of Pioneer. Let's celebrate their achievement!!!

This means that the interests with Presidents are now full-fledged communities with governments and fun features like labels, cover images, and more. If you'd like to be a part of your Community's government, check out the Council Guide below for more information.

Don't forget to check out your Community's Talk section to see a special chat room for your President.

Our Pioneers:

@Akiramarie13 - NU'EST

@Amobts - Jimin

@Awkwardjazzy - NCT

@Baekyeol27 - Cheerleading

@caricakes - Travel

@Changkyunie - Straykids

@DefSoul1994 - JJProject

@Dynamo - Poetry

@ESwee - Astro

@galinda - Funny

@Halsyeon - Pentagon

@HeonyStar - ChoiYoungJae

@ImmortalArtist - OnePiece

@jazminramirez9 - Quotes

@Just2BLoved - BamBam

@Kangyoochans - A.C.E

@kpopandkimchi - Kpop

@LiyahBoon - iKON

@Luna1171 - Got7

@MaeLyn - BAP

@MelissaGarza - Infinite

@MinKyunie - Day6

@MonstaHyungwonX - Bigflo

@QueenPandaBunny - SuperJunior

@QueenyCrossGene - CROSSGENE

@royalpandajedi - AOMG

@Starbell808 - T.O.P

@Sugakookiev - Chanyeol

@SweetDuella - TRCNG

@TaylorHill5 - TVXQ

@Twistedpdnim - MarkTuan


@Yugykookie97 - BTS

@YulaGyeom - KimYugYeom

We will update with news soon about how to join these Presidents to be staff! Presidents, please check your email for all the info you need!

Community System Guide

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