How to Choose and Maintain White Marble Worktops

Classic white marble continues to remain popular among many homeowners. This is because it is a natural material which provides great variety depending on how its cut. The natural patterns cannot be found with other artificial materials.

The most famous marbles are found in Carrara, Italy which are dense and rather non-porous. As a result, they are highly durable and offer great resistance to strain.. Also, there are a lot of marble types about which most of the people don't know. However, despite the benefits, it has its own set of weaknesses too. Marble is made up of calcium carbonate or magnesium carbonate which reacts to acids. Thus, any acidic kitchen liquid such as vinegar or lemon juice will leave a dull, whitish mark on the surface even after the marble has been sealed.

However, if you know which marble to choose for a white kitchen worktop, it can not only turn out to be beautiful but also last a lifetime.

Types of Marble

arabescato marble worktop

While people generally tend to opt for white marbles such as Calacatta and Statuario, there are other equally good quality marbles available to choose from in Vermont Danby and Colorado Yule.

Selecting Marble Slabs

white marble worktop

Also, how the pieces will come together needs to be considered. The longer the piece without any seam, the better it will be. If there are seems, then the marble needs to be book-matched. This allows the adjacent pieces to have a mirrored appearance.

Veining in Marble

Every quarry is different. However, it is possible to cut certain marble blocks in two different ways to achieve unique veining pattern. Cross cut results in stone slabs having an open flowered pattern which is considered to be best for book-matching.

Vein cut on the other hand is used to slice the block in a manner to achieve a linear and striped appearance.

Depending on the preferences on the designer vein cut or cross cut may be used on the floor of the white kitchen worktop.

Marble Finishes

Owing to technological advances, there are a number of brushing and polishing techniques available today to finish a stone. Of these the most popular however happens to be the polished finish which makes the marble glossy, or honed finish, in which case it gives a matte appearance.

For home owners concerned about acid etching on their homebase kitchen worktops, honed finish is the better option because acid makes the polished finish look dull. Honed finish is already dull and so it only helps in disguising the etching better.

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