Intro to Cross Gene: Prince TikTak Style: Part 1

Hello Babies! Can I interest you in a new bias? Great, then meet your Prince TikTak. You will be surrendering to him shortly. This is Takuya Terada, your new master. .

❥ Resistance is futile. Don't deny him, It'll hurt way less if you agree. . . [Take it from me, okay?]


☆ Bio ☆

→ Stage Name:Takuya

→ Actual Name:寺田拓哉(Terada Takuya)

→ Date of Birth:March 18, 1992

→ Place of Birth: 茨城县守谷市 (Moriya, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan)

→ Position:Leader [When promoting in Japan]

→ Star Sign:Pisces

→ Bloog Type:O

→ Height:187cm

→ Weight:66kg



→ Special Skills:Basketball, Baseball

→ Interests:Mahjong, Karoake, Bowling, Reading, etc.

→ Favourite Food:Hayashi Rice

→ Favourite Drinks:Matcha Latte, 抹茶珍宝 (Not sure what this is…Matcha Bubble Tea?), Lemon Green Tea

→ Favourite Artists:Aiko, AAA, Yuzu, RADWIMPS, flumpool, Aqua Timez, Miss A, SHINee, BIGBANG

Current Company:Amuse Entertainment


→ 2008.11.24 21st Junon Super Boy Competition. Recieved a Committee Specialty Award. Contestant #5.

→ 2010.08.01 Attended Ameblo Official Blog Opening Ceremony.

→ 2012.05.15 Attended Ameblo Official Blog Closing Update Ceremony.


→ 【爱を歌うより俺に溺れろ!】(Ai wo Utau Yori Ore ni Oborero! / Be Crazy About Me!): 2012

Role: [Kiryuuin Rui]

→ Zedd: 2014

Role: [XI]

→: Zenin, Kataomoi: 2016

Role: [Kataomoi Supairaru; Hajime]

→ By Chance: 2018

Role: [Sasai, Eisuke]


→「サイン」Sign: 2011

Role: [Ibaraki, Tobi]

→「RUN60 - Episode 2」2012:

Role: [Takao, Kusuno]

→ Abnormal Summit: (2014)

Role: [Self]

→ The Lover (2015):

Role: [Takuya]

→ Where Is My friend's Home (2015)

☆ Musicals ☆

→ Black & White (2010)

→ Watashi no Host-Chan (2011)

→ Black Butler: Noah’s Ark Circus (2016)

→ Altar Boyz: (2017 & 2018)

☆ Fun Facts ☆

✧ Tallest Member of Cross Gene

✧ Nickname: Gorgeous Gene

✧ Known as the Tsundere of Cross Gene, often mistaken as cold and aloof; just shy.


✧ Was the original Leader of Cross Gene, but stepped down after JG left

✧ Master of Girl Group dances

✧ Bilingual (Japanese, Korean, and English)

✧ Plays piano & guitar

✧ Has 2 little sisters

✧ Biggest Appetite in Cross Gene

✧ Adores Shin


✧ First Fully Japanese Kpop Idol

✧ Red Carpet Host during the 2014 Melon Music Awards

✧ Is Pro Love. (Huge supporter of LGBT[All of Cross Gene is])


✧ Used to play baseball & basketball

✧ Almost shared a birthday with Casper

✧ Gentle Giant

✧ Nominee for 100 most Beautiful Faces (2017 & 2018)

✧ Beauty mark god

✧ He was fascinated with Korean Culture before coming an idol, wanted to improve his Korean.

✧ Reads Manga

✧ Known as the Dad of the Group

✧ Great at Aegyo


✧ Everyone loves Takuya

✧ Is A full Course Meal

✧ Is too Pure for this world. . .


✧ Will give you the urge to throw things for the sheer fact he's a Full Course Meal. . .


✧ Did I say Full Course Meal? Cause what I really mean is a Full Course Meal. . .


¤ Simmer Down SIR ¤


❥ Just like Shin's card, I'll add some of my favorite Videos of TikTak in Style 2.

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