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Part One:

Jiyoon laughs. “Jina when are going to branch out?”

I sigh, I didn’t need to. My older sister, Jiyoon was always nagging me about making more friends. It was so annoying. I was fine with just Hayoung as a friend.

“Maybe when you stop asking.” I scoff back.

I liked my simple life.

“What happens whenever college comes around? You’ll be alone again? Don’t you want to know how to make friends for that reason.” She states crossing her arms over her chest.

I roll my eyes. “Oh like it’s that hard to make a friend.”

She snorts. “If it’s not that hard then why don’t you have more friends?”

My eyes flit to her to send her a glare. “It’s not that it’s hard. I just don’t want to.”

It was her turn to roll her eyes. “Want to make a bet?”

I huff. “Are you serious?”

She nods. “How about if you can make at least one more friend in a month I’ll not only stop bugging you about this, I’ll even buy you front row seats to see Astro.”

My eyes widen. Front row seats?

I bring my hand to my lip to bite on one of my fingernails. I loved Astro so much and I’ve only seen them once. Moonbin was my love.

“Oh, and I’ll even buy two meet and greet passes to throw in.” She shrugs out of the corner of my eye.

I swallow. There had to be a catch though, right?

“And what if I lose?” I question her.

Not that I was giving in or anything...

She hums. “I’ll just have the self-satisfaction that I was right that you suck at making friends. That you’re too shy.”

I really didn’t want to agree to this but there was a gnawing feeling in my gut. One that had me wanting to agree instantly.

“Okay deal. No backing out!” I turn to face her.

She laughs. “Oh my god you’re actually agreeing to this? I wasn’t expecting you to.”

“Shut up, you’d best be saving up.” I huff rushing past her.


In my room I pace back and forth nervous about how I was going to pull this off.

I pull out my phone and pull up Hayoung’s contact.

I dial her quickly.

She answers shortly after. “What’s up?”

“I need help!” I say desperately.


“I made a bet with Jiyoon that I could make another friend in a month in order to get Astro tickets.” I say quickly.

“Holy shit, no way!” She laughs.

“ like what should I do?” I frown into the phone. “How am I going to make a friend in that short amount of time?”

I shouldn’t have made it sound so easy!

“There’s a party tonight? That’s a perfect place to meet friends, maybe you could drink some to ease your nerves too?” She suggests.

A party? That wasn’t my scene. Drinking as well? Never done that before, probably wasn’t a good idea.

But at this point I was up for anything in order to get those tickets.

“Okay let's do it.”

“Oh my god, where did the real Lee Jina go?” Hayoung states shocked. “Never mind forget I said that. I’m on my way to pick you up, get ready!”


Hayoung arrives thirty minutes later, she’s dressed in a short dress that made me do a double take. Hayoung has partied before, but I had never seen her before going. It surprised me to see her like this.

She glances down at my school shirt and basketball shorts and sighs.

“Good thing I brought something for you to wear.” She shoves me back down the hall.

“Huh?” I groan as she shoves me into my room.

“Put these on.” She stuffs two articles of clothing into my hand. I glance down at the clothing. It was a matching crop top and skirt.

“But can’t I just wear this?” I gesture to my attire.

She laughs. “You want to make friends, right?”

I frown. “Ugh, fine.”


We pull up to the party and its apparently already in full swing because there were cars everywhere.

Hayoung’s brother lets us off up front and leaves us to head to work. As he parts he lectures her to be safe.

I almost jump back into the car but he speeds of leaving me in the dust. There was no going back now.

I turn to face the house. It was huge.

“Whose place is this?” I ask as we step up onto the sidewalk.

“Adachi Yuto’s. His parents still live in Japan but they bought this house for him. Apparently, Kang Hyunggu and Jung Wooseok also live here with him.”

I nod, she wraps her arm around mine and tugs me to the front door.

I raise my hand to knock but she laughs pushing the door open. “You don’t knock, no one would hear you.”

“Oh...” I say awkwardly as she drags me inside.


I shouldn’t have made that deal.

I have been here for fifteen minutes now and I have absolutely no idea how to even begin to make a friend.

Hayoung comes back from the kitchen holding three shot glasses full of alcohol. She smiles and hands me one.

“What is this?” I look down.

“Don’t know?” She laughs. “Drink it, it’ll take the edge off. But no more than two of those, got it!”

“Okay.” I hum before slowly pulling the glass to my lips. The liquid burns as it passes down my throat but I swallow it to get it over with.

“God.” I shake my head. That was kind of awful.

“One more!” She cheers handing me the third shot glass, holding the two empty one’s in her hand.

I quickly down the second one before handing it over to her.

“Alright time to make friends! I’m going to leave you be for a bit to kind of force you to talk to other people! Okay!” She cheers.

“What?” My eyes widen. “Hayoung!”

Her eyes flit over my shoulder. “Oh Yuto!” She glances back at me. “I gotta go!”

She rushes off leaving me alone.

This sucks.

I end up in the kitchen searching for some water but my eyes find more alcohol. I swallow, maybe just a little bit more won’t hurt? I don’t even feel anything yet.

I move forward grabbing a bottle of clear alcohol not even bothering reading the name. I wouldn’t even know what it was if I did. I pour a half of a solo cup up and take a couple of sips of it.

“Hey there.” Someone is suddenly beside me and I freeze up.

I glance in their direction. It was a guy, one I don’t recognize.

“Hello.” I murmur.

He smiles, “I haven’t seen you around before?”

Was that him asking for my name?

“Ah, I don’t usually go to these things. I’m Jina.” I manage to add a smile in at the end.

He leans forward and I am suddenly uncomfortable. “I’m Jaehyun, it’s nice to meet you Jina.”

I nod and quickly start to back up.

“Uh, you too.” I awkwardly say back.

Suddenly his arm is around my waist tugging me against him. “Oh god.” My eyes widen.

I could smell the alcohol on his breath, I never should’ve come tonight.

“What do you say we head upstairs? Hmm Jina?” He leans forward and I once again lean my head back as far as he’d allow me to.

“No I’m sorry but I’m not looking for...that.” I say trying to inch my way out of his grasp.

He chuckles. “Are you playing hard to get?”

“Please can you let me go?” I manage to separate myself from him but he moves to step forward again.

Someone cuts in between us grabbing a cup.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I just really needed a drink.”

I glance up and see it was Kang Hyunggu. He was still standing in between the two of us. He was staring in Jaehyun’s direction.

“Oh, hey Hyunggu!” Jaehyun’s voice slurs.

“I think Jungwoo is looking for you Jaehyun.” Hyunggu says.

“Oh is he?” Suddenly Jaehyun is sprinting off.

Hyunggu drops his cup and glances at me. “What are you doing here?”

Me? Did he know me? I mean yeah, we went to the same school and everything but like Kang Hyunggu was one of the most popular guy’s in school?

“I don’t know, I just wanted to try it out for once.” I shrug, I glance down at the still half full cup of liquor in front of me. This was awkward.

I pull the cup up to take it all down in one go. I get about two gulps down before he’s pulling the cup away from me.

“Hey!” I reach out towards it. He pulls it towards his face and smells it.

He shakes his head. “Good god, half a cup of Crown Royal? Have you even drunk before?”

I swallow. “No.”

He quickly downs the remainder of my cup. “No more to drink, you’re gonna regret drinking what you already have in a bit anyways.”

I lean forward. “You’re not my boss.”

He snorts. “I’m not, but this is my house.”

I pout crossing my arms over my chest. “You’re mean.”

He laughs. “She’s already gone, isn’t she?”

“I’m not gone, I’m right here.” I say confused.

He stifles another laugh, which kind of made me feel giddy inside. Hyunggu’s laugh was beautiful.

“Want to dance? Wooseok just put the music on.” He says leaning forward.

“I’ve never danced before, is it fun?”

He seems surprised. “You’ve never danced?” He tugs on my hand. “There’s a first time for everything.”

Out on the dance floor everything around me was a blur, I could manage to make out Hyunggu at times but I mainly just saw a blur.

Once the second song ended I slowed to a stop and my legs gave out, a pair of arms catches me before I hit the ground.

“This is why I told you you’re gonna regret it.” Hyunggu’s voice echoes in my ear. I look up and come face to face with him. My hand rests on his cheek, I oddly found him handsome all of the sudden. I mean of course I knew he was but I had never looked at him this close before.

Hyunggu stares back momentarily before hiking me up bridle style into his arms. “Let’s get you to a bed.”


Hyunggu stumbles up the stairs and down the hall until he’s entering a room and laying me down onto a bed. He leans over me to lay my head down softly.

Right at that moment the door swings open and Hayoung’s shoving Hyunggu away from me.

“What the hell are you doing?” Hayoung growls glaring at Hyunggu. She yanks me up out of the bed and manages to pull me out of the room.


The next morning, I wake up in Hayoung’s bed. I groan, my head was pounding and I felt so nauseous.

I slowly sit up and groan once again. I move my feet to the edge of the bed and stand up. As soon as I’m up I rush to the bathroom to throw up.

“Oh god.” I mutter afterwards. My head looms over the toilet confused.

What happened last night?

I hear footsteps out in the room before they slowly enter the bathroom.

“Yah, you fool.” Hayoung growls. My head aches from her voice.

“What happened?” I question her.

“What the hell did I say about not drinking more than two shots? What else did you drink?” She runs a hand through her hair. I lower my gaze to the toilet again. “I caught you in Kang Hyunggu’s bed.”

My head shoots up. “What?”

“Yeah you idiot. I said make friends, what did you do? You drank until you almost lost your virginity to Kang fucking Hyunggu!” She huffs.

I did what?

“I don’t remember that!” I sheepishly say.

“Yeah you’re lucky I saw him carry you upstairs. That bitch was totally going to make a move on you, he was leaning over you whenever I burst in!” She begins pacing back and forth.

I rack my brain for anything, just something from last night.

“No more to drink. Want to dance?”

I shiver. Oh my god I am never drinking again.

“Thanks, Hayoung for coming to get me.”

“Of course, what kind of best friend let’s her friend lose her virginity to Kang Hyunggu. Especially looking the way you did when he carried you upstairs.”

What would’ve happened had Hayoung not came to help me?

My mind flicks back to the Jaehyun guy trying to make a move on me. And then Hyunggu stepping between us. From what I can remember he didn't seem too bad?


Monday came quickly. This marks 3 days into the month I have to make a friend. I had a feeling I had made a huge mistake making this bet.

Someone clears their throat behind me. I turn around confused.

There stood Kang Hyunggu.

My eyes widen. What was he doing here?

“Can I talk to you?” He asks awkwardly.

I glance around, a couple of people were staring in our direction so I felt the urge to agree.

“Uh yeah, I guess.” I say sheepishly.


We end up down the hall near the library where it was less crowded.

“I just wanted to clear any misunderstandings. I didn’t take you to my room to do anything, your legs gave out and it looked as if you were going to fall asleep at any second.” He pauses. “I’m not like that, if I had known you came with a friend I would’ve taken you to her instead.” He wrings his hands together and I bite my lip. I had never seen this side of him before. He always walked around looking confident. Confident and too good for me.

This side seemed more human.

“I just didn’t want you to feel uncomfortable, and I didn’t want you and your friend to think I’m some monster.” He says lowering his head.

“It’s okay.” I stammer out. “I remember how you stepped in and saved me from Jaehyun, so I believe you.”

“You do!” He says suddenly a smile cracks on his face.

“Mmm.” I hum.

“Okay great. I’m really not like that, and if my mom heard that she would kill me. She’s always taught me to respect women.” He laughs awkwardly.

I nod. “Thanks for coming to clear the misunderstanding.”

“Thank you for listening.” He nods his head. “Okay I’ll be heading to class then.”


“Are you sure he was telling the truth?” Hayoung asks.

It seemed that way.

She slowly nods. “I mean I guess he wasn’t like in between your legs or anything.” She thinks back. “He was just sitting to the side of you, maybe he was lying you back onto the bed?”

I nod. “Maybe.”

“Maybe you should still like get a no-contact contract just in case. Like you never know?”

“Isn’t that going a little far?” I ask her.

She shrugs. “Seems fine to me.”

I shake my head. “I’m not going to make things complicated by signing a contract like that.”

A contract is all business anyways. It would be annoying to deal with. Plus, they only last so long.

Something clicks in my brain. A contract.

I could make a friendship contract! I could fake my way into getting those Astro tickets!

But who would even sign a friendship contract? My head lifts up to see Hyunggu enter the cafeteria.

I lower my gaze. But then lift it back to him.


He would essentially be perfect, he’s popular so it would look like his friends were also mine.

Would he be down to do this though?


After school I found myself standing by his locker. He comes around the corner. Yuto at his side but they both stop when they see me. Yuto sends him a look before backing up and around the corner again.

Did he even know my name? Or was it just my face?

“Can I talk to you?” I ask him.

He nods. “Yeah sure, what do you need?”

“Not here, I would like it to be more private.” I say glancing around.

“Okay?” He says confused.


We ended up outside at one of the picnic tables. He sat across from me.

“I have something to say to you.” I work up the courage to ask him.

He clears his throat. “Um you aren’t asking me out right?”

I snort. “Of course not.”

He quickly breathes relieved. “Good because I’m not into dating right now.”

I roll my eyes, of course he isn’t. He can mess around with anyone he wants why would he want to date?

“I know this is going to sound stupid but will you make a friendship contract with me?” I say looking up at him.

“Huh?” He says confused.

I sigh. “Look my older sister bet that I couldn’t make a new friend in a month. I don’t plan on losing this bet, so like I need a friend. And I figured this was the best way.”

Hyunggu frowns. “Or you could you know try and make a friend?”

I shake my head no. “I don’t want to; this friendship contract is what I want.”

“What exactly is a friendship contract?” He asks.

“It’s basically a fake friendship, one that will end in a month.” I shrug.

He seems taken back. “Why don’t you want to make a real friend?”

I glance at him. “I just don’t want to.”

He seemingly thinks things over for a bit longer. “What do I get out of this?”

“I can help you with homework?” I suggest. “I just really don’t want to lose this bet Kang Hyunggu. If I do my sister will never stop bugging me about making friends.”

He snorts. “I guess if it’s only for a month I could do it.”

I whip my head towards him. “Really?”

He nods. “Yeah, oh and I get two more things. I haven’t decided what those are yet but you have to let me do whatever it is I want once I decide!”

I glare at him. “Nothing sexual!”

He gasps. “You think so lowly of me, Lee.”

I roll my eyes. I pull out a piece of paper with some rules on it and place it in front of Hyunggu.

He reads it slowly smirking at some of the rules.

1. Hang out often. Sometimes alone, sometimes with others.

2. Go to events together.

3. No falling in love with each other.

4. To be there for each other.

5. Hang out at each other’s places.

6. Introduction to family’s as friends.

7. Jina must help Hyunggu with any homework he needs help with.

8. Contract will end after 1 month.

9. After 1 month the parties do not have to continue being friends.

10. No one should ever know this friendship was contracted/fake.

“Add an 11th one about doing whatever I want once I decide what it is.” He shrugs. “Then I’ll sign.”

I jot down the new rule and sign my own name on it before sliding it back to him. He shakes his head before signing the paper.

“Alright, friend.” I place my hand out for him to shake.

He laughs and shakes my hand. “Call me Hyunggu.”

“You can call me Jina.” I smile, this wasn’t so bad.


I went home that night and walked my happy ass straight to Jiyoon’s room. I swing her door open and she whips her head towards me.

“I have a friend.” I smirk towards her. I mean he was a contracted friend. But still, she’d never know.

She laughs. “You expect me to believe that?”

I nod. “I do! His name is Kang Hyunggu.” I firmly state.

“Isn’t Kang Hyunggu the most popular boy in your class?” She snorts. “Jina you do know that just because you talk to someone doesn’t mean you’re friends?”

I scoff. “I’m not an idiot.”

I huff pulling my phone from my pocket. “Look I even have his number.”

She rolls her eyes. “That proves nothing.”

I raise my hands into the air. “What do you want me to do? Call him to prove it?”

She hums. “Yeah, call him and invite him over tonight.”

My heart almost stops. This soon? I wasn’t expecting to have to introduce him to my family for at least another week.

I swallow pulling my phone up to click on his contact information. “Fine I will.”

This little shit better answer.

I pull the phone to my ear after hitting the call button. It rings twice before he’s answering.

“You’re calling already? What you miss me or something?” I could tell he had a smug look on his face even though I couldn’t see him.

“Oh hey Hyunggu!” I say, my voice awkwardly raising a few octaves.

“You sound weird, is something wrong?” He asks, seeming a bit serious now.

I laugh. “No no, well yeah. My sister wants to meet you.”

“The one who made the bet with you?” He asks seemingly catching on.

“Mmm.” I lock eyes with Jiyoon who seems somewhat surprised I had called him.

“Right now?” Hyunggu sighs.

“Yeah.” I reply sheepishly.

“Send me your address, I’ll be there shortly.” He replies.

“Okay awesome!” I reply hanging up.

I smirk towards Jiyoon. “He’s on his way.”

Her mouth slightly parts open. “I’d better go clean.”

Once she’s run past me I quickly type up a message to Hyunggu. I type my address and apartment number in and that my dad and little brother would be here too.

I hold my phone to my chest. I was actually super nervous. Hyunggu and I really weren’t friends how were we supposed to act?

We weren’t even given the time to go over things about each other.

I let out a low sigh before rushing downstairs to wait for him to arrive.

Jiyoon was scrubbing the kitchen table when I got downstairs. I stare at her like she’s gone crazy.

“Good god why are you cleaning so intensely?” I snort.

“You have a guy coming over.” She states. “The house should be clean!”

I huff. “For god’s sake it’s just my friend, who gives a shit if the place is clean or not?”

She stands up straight. “I do!”

The doorbell rings and she freezes. “He’s here already?”

I blink confused. Was he?

“I’ll go see.” I rush down the hall. I open the door and sure enough Hyunggu was behind the door.

He offers me a small smile. “Did you know you live on the same street as my mom?”

My mouth drops. “I do?”

He nods. “Mmm, she lives in the apartment complex across the street.” He throws his thumb over his shoulder gesturing towards his mom’s place. I guess I was expecting him to come from Yuto’s?

“You learn something new every day.” I quickly yank on his arm pulling him inside. “Don’t fuck this up, Kang.”

He rolls his eyes. “Keep calling me Kang and you’ll be the one to fuck things up, Jina.” He winks.

I send him a small glare before Jiyoon’s voice is interrupting us.

“Oh, so he is here!” Jiyoon cheers.

I quickly wipe my glare off my face and plant the biggest ass smile I can on my face. Turning around I throw an arm around Hyunggu.

“Hey sis, this is my friend Hyunggu.” I bat my eyes up towards Hyunggu, who sends me a what the fuck was I doing look.

He snorts under his breath. “Hello, I’m Kang Hyunggu. It’s nice to meet you.” He bows.

“You too, I’m Jina’s older sister Jiyoon.” She rushes forward. “Come on in and have a seat!”

Jiyoon rushes off to grab some drinks leaving us alone again.

I immediately drop my arm from around him. “This is hell.” I murmur.

Hyunggu laughs. “Let’s go before she comes back out.”

We head into the living room and sit down. Jiyoon quickly returning to question the hell out of us.

She happily claps once she’s situated in a seat. God this was so awkward.

“So, how’d you guys meet?” She smiles wide.

Hyunggu smiles softly. “At a party, but I’ve known about her for a while. I mean we are in the same grade and everything.”

I glance at him, so he knows about me? What exactly?

Jiyoon smiles. “What do you like about her?”

“Yah, we aren’t dating. Why would you ask something like that?” I exclaim slapping a hand down on my knee.

“I’m just curious to see what made him want to be friends with you?” She simply says a smile still on her face. Did she possibly still not believe me? Was she onto my fake friend business?

Hyunggu hums. “I think I’m just curious about her. She’s always quiet, nice, and smart and not the party type. But I saw that she was at that one, so I was confused. She was also being hit on by this guy and looked uncomfortable. I knew that she was uncomfortable so I stepped in. That’s when I realized how completely wasted she was going to be. She drank a crap ton of Crown Royal.”

I suddenly begin to cringe. “Yah, Hyunggu shut up.” I nudge him.

He smirks. “I asked her to dance with me and she basically passed out. So I took her to lie down in my room.”

Jiyoon’s eyes widen.

Hyunggu notices. “However, her friend found us and decided to take her home instead.”

Hyunggu shrugs. “So since we only got to talk for a short moment I was disappointed that I didn’t get to know her.”

Jiyoon seems confused still.

Hyunggu doesn’t know what else to say so I step in.

“So today we hung out at school and decided we’d become friends.” I shrug.

Jiyoon doesn’t seem convinced.

Hyunggu quickly smiles. “What Jina means is that we hung out today and have decided to try and be friends. I for one think a great friendship will come from this.”

I quickly nod. “I agree.”

Jiyoon nods as the front door opens. I hear my dad come inside, my younger brother behind him.

As they come down the hall and into view both of their eyes immediately go to Hyunggu.

My dad smiles. “Kang Hyunggu!” He waves and Hyunggu quickly stands and bows. “Is the baseball team going to be any good this year?”

Hyunggu smiles. “If everyone returns to the team in the spring I think we’re going to be great!”

My dad chuckles. “That’s great, I love watching you guys play.”

Jiseok, my younger brother eyes Hyunggu questioningly. Jiseok was in middle school, a seventh grader so he knew of Hyunggu.

“What are you doing here?” Jiseok asks confused.

Hyunggu smiles towards Jiseok. “Huh? Oh, Jina and I recently became friends and,” He gestures towards Jiyoon. “Your sister wanted to meet me.”

Jiseok nods a smile breaking out on his face. “So that means you’ll be hanging out here more often?”

Hyunggu glances at me, but slowly nods. “Yeah of course.”

Jiseok pumps his fist into the air. “Yes!”

He moves forward closer to Hyunggu. “You have no idea how suffocating it is having two sisters.”

“Yah.” Both Jiyoon and I huff.

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