B.A.P TRCNG at Ink together

Its amazing to see so many people up on stage and dancing to this song! B.A.P had their junior group playing their song and BAP pops up and takes over half way through.

Okay so I have to make my comment about this since its not the first time TRCNG has done this. It may be a first to sing together tho.

over the past few months I noticed that the junior group has been covering BAP songs and Idk if its just lazy of TS to not make any new songs for the group , lack of funds or even keeping people interested with popular songs.

I feel like its come to a point TRCNG cant stand up on their own yet and its getting really sad to see.

They have been out for almost a year now and yes have an album and 2 mini albums out equaling no more then 14 songs.

their latest single GAME CHANGER didnt warrant a MV or news aside from putting it out there.

I hoped at the very begining that these boys wouldnt be treated the same way BAP had been at the very begining and its starting to really look like its starting to happen. At least TRCNG has big bro BAP to help them thru


Sorry for the rant. I got little upset hearing how trcng had been getting treated working so hard and getting scolded, then to show lack of funds for their work. sorry sorry.

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