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Hello Hello!!!

My fellow Vinglers it is time I go over the Guidelines for the Pentagon/K-Dramas/(G)I-DLE Communities!

They are pretty basic and it's stuff you probably already know but I'm doing this as a reminder!

I'd like to start off with the three B's:




See pretty basic right? XD

Anyways onto the guidelines~


1) This is a community, not an interest!

-What does this mean?

Well when you are posting a card beside Pentagon/K-Dramas/(G)I-DLE you will notice a CMTY beside it, that means that the "interest" you've chosen is actually a Community. In a Community there is a President who is over it. That means your card's will not be posted to the Community until it is approved by the President or Council. Keep in mind that there is a Pentagon interest as well, the interest is titled Pentagon(Kpop.)

Pentagon CommunityPentagon Interest

-What should you take in mind before posting in a Community?

You should make sure your card is relevant to the community because if it isn't it will get rejected from being posted in the community. At the moment I have to personally approve cards to be posted in the community. I can also Feature cards in the community! (Keep in mind that I cannot see who the Poster is before it's approved so even if you accidentally place one in the community that is not relevant to Pentagon I will not know it was you unless it's posted in an interest that is visible to me.)

Addtionally to this you should make sure your card is not an AD/SPAM (photo spams and stuff about the group/stars are okay), violent, content that is copyrighted, or adult content.

Vingle Content Policy

-What is okay to post?

Honestly anything as long as it's relevant to the community in some way.

If you are using pictures or information from a source that is not your own PLEASE leave the source for where you got this information!

(See an example above. I used some of the information from the Vingle Content Policy page they have.)

There is one exception to this and that is when you're posting videos from YouTube. The YouTube video links directly to the user's channel anyways.

I understand we can all be forgetful so let's try to at least do it at times! Someone worked hard to make this stuff for us to see!


If the post contains something that is probably considered Rated-R please have that as your first sentence! We have younger members or members that don't want to read that. I would also prefer that if you are writing a Fan-Fiction and you think it is relevant to the Community that there be a member (in K-Dramas case, as long as it references a drama or has an actor/actress) present in it. I don't want fan-fiction in here if it's only mentioning the group. I would prefer a member be at least a recurring side character. If not it is kind of irrelevant to the community.


2) Let's all get along!

This is pretty easy to understand.

No fighting, let's all get along! Please let's not get into fan wars or arguements with one another. If I see it or am told about it you'll be warned. BE KIND! BE RESPONSIBLE! BE RESPECTFUL!


3) Talk to me or another Council Member!

Haha this is pretty easy to understand too!

If you see something going down such as an argument. Or if you see a card with Rated-R content please let us know!

Also I'm a pretty friendly person, I like making friends!


4) The Council Taglists are for Council use only!

The people on the taglist have asked to be tagged in the Council's cards not everyone's cards. So please don't use the Council Taglists for personal use.

And ta-da we're at the end of the Guidelines!

Please support Pentagon/K-Dramas/(G)I-DLE by becoming a member of their specific Communities! We are waiting with open arms for you all!


Bye-Bye for now!

You'll probably hear more from me shortly ;)

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Please let us know if you'd like to be tagged!

Or untagged... :(

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