Those JJP Guidelines tho 😍


Here are some guidelines to follow for everyone posting in the JJProject community


Post relevant cards only..... Post relevant cards only..... All irrelevant cards will be removed.All irrelevant cards will be removed.


NO HATE of any kind will be toleratedjudgment free zone,

If you're posting anything with mature content please use a trigger warningtitlebeginningAll cards without the proper warnings will be removed.


4. JJP Bouncers taglist and taglist GIFs ARE FOR COUNCIL USE ONLY

5. Remember to have fun!

Vingle is a place to have fun and share your interests with those who have similar interests. It is also a place to meet new people and discover new things. The JJProject Community Council hopes you have a fun time sharing and making memories here in the Community.

*guidelines may be subject to change

** JJP community taglist is for Council use only


I cant wait to see what cards you all have in store for the future of the JJProject community here on vingle.

Keep a look out soon for a JJP tag list update card ;)


Make sure you are a part of the JJP community by joining here ⤵️⤵️

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