Camping 101: Making a Basic Water Trap

There are a handful of things that a human needs for survival, but those things are vital. Food, warmth, and above all else, water, are among the necessities that are basic to our fragile existence.

effects of dehydration

It is not hard to imagine a few tragic scenarios that could leave a camper, or hiker in a dire survival struggle, so knowing how to procure fresh water is a must. This article will cover a basic technique for making a water trap that can provide a modicum of fresh water for someone caught in a survival situation.

approach this creatively

Forming your survival water trap under the bows of a three with low hanging branches so that your trap is able to catch the fresh water that drips from the leaves, and/or needles will yield even more of what might become your most precious survival commodity.

Giardia Lamblia

I'm a passionate world traveler with particular interest in world history and culture. Hoping to visit Japan some day. Cycling and hiking enthusiast, eco-activist and occasionally an aspiring writer.
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