T.O.P Community Council

Hello! I would like to thank@Starbell808 for letting me join her council! I love this man! When I first got into Big Bang, I amazed by his voice and I fell in love, every since then, I have been hooked!


Let me introduce myself and here is a little about me

My name is Suki

I am a multi fandom! I live Kpop and Kdramas! I love anything the has to do with Korea or is Korean! I have to many bias to name all of them here, but this man is one of them!

My desire to bring to the community about this man is to show how lovable and caring he is

Sometimes he is mistaken as scary or a bad person, but he is really sweet and caring

I love his smile! When he smiles, he is sexy!

This man for me is sexy! I mean just look at him, but in all seriousness, he is any inspiration to me

I love this quote from him👇🏼

When I read this, it made me think of me

I read this quote and i found that to be so true and that is something that we both have in common

We also have the same birthday, just different years


Just thought I had to share that

I hope you will join me and the wonderful council on this team and see a little bit more about T.O.P

I hope that those who are not in love with him will fall in love and those who are already in love will fall deeper and get to know his tender side! I am excited to be here! I hope you will join us, it will be a lot of fun! Until next time!

☆♡T.O.P Tabi Council Ladies♡☆ @Starbell808@BBxGD@MelissaGarza@royalpandajedi@Just2bloved@cns1391

Loving K-Pop and Kdramas.....a sweet puppy
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