My EXO Introduction

My name is Jen.

I’ve been a fan of KPop for a year now.

I first heard EXO’s ‘Wolf’ and fell in love.

I’d listen to Drew Ryan Scott and Chad Futures version of the song.

It wasn’t until November 7, 2017 that I really got into KPop.

Fell in love with KoKoPop that made me a bigger fan of EXO.

I like Baekhyun at first. Then fell in love With Xiumins eyes.

It was a hard choice to give one of them up to support. But Xiumin won me over.

And I’m glad to be supporting him on Monday’s.

Lately I’ve been busy traveling back and forth halfway across the country and back.

This card is couple days late.

I will try my best in the future. After next Monday lol. I’ll be traveling home then.

Please check out my past cards on Xiumin. I’m sure you will enjoy!


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I was introduced to Monsta X by a friend dropping the song he helped compose, “Dramarama” and I never looked back! Nov. 7th began my love for Monsta X.
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