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Hello ikonics! It's Melissa! ikon Council is doing something special. It's Let get to know ikon. It's really for new and old ikonics. Let's see what we know about the members of ikon. I will be covering Ju-Ne first.



iKON Junhoe Full Profile 2018

ikon junhoe


Stage Name : Jun-ne (formerly known as Junhoe)

Birth name : Koo Jun Hoe

Position : Main Vocalist and Dancer

Age : 20 years old

Birth Date : March 31, 1997

Zodiac Sign : Aries

Height : 182 cm (6’0″)

Blood Type : A type

Instagram Account :@withikonic (iKON’s instagram account)

iKON Junhoe Facts

ikon junhoe


1. iKON’s Junhoe has an older sister named Koo Yei Jin.

2. Junhoe was a member of Team B in the variety show “WIN”.

3. Junhoe is known as iKON member who can speak a very fluent Japanese (so it is easier for him to communicate with Japanese fans).

4. Junhoe is a big fan of the king singer, Michael Jackson.

5. Before debuted as iKON member and before joining “WIN”, Junhoe has appeared in TV once when he was still at the age of thirteen through SBS reality program “Star King” back then in 2011.

6. Not only in “Star King”, Junhoe also appeared in the SBS “K-pop Star” first season.

7. Junhoe made it to the fourth round of SBS “K-pop Star” audition.

8. Junhoe started as a trainee of YG Entertainment in April 2012 after winning “WIN Mix & Match”.

9. He became the very first trainee that was announced by YG Entertainment to be a member of YG’s new boy group, iKON.

10. For Junhoe, it is a hard thing to accept new people to his life.

11. Junhoe is known to have a very flexible body, just like a boneless animal, although he is tall.

12. Junhoe used to have a bad style.

13. Junhoe is known for his skill in composing, he involved in iKON’s debut single, “Rhythm Ta”.

14. One of Junhoe’s hobbies is eating.

15.When Junhoe appeared in “SBS Star King”, he danced Michael Jackson moves.

16. Junhoe joined YG Entertainment audition when he was still 13 years old but failed and he tried for the second time after 2-3 years passed and accepted.

17. Junhoe is not a talkative person. He usually talks the least but when he starts talking, he will sound like a very talkative person.

18. He is a scared of high places.

19. He is an ignorant person and is very consistent with whatever that he talks or does.

20. Junhoe once made a promise with her mom that he will be famous one day and now he has fulfilled his promise.

21. Junhoe loves watching films.

22. BIGBANG and Kim Hyunsik are the sunbaes that Junhoe really looks up to.

23. Junhoe’s favorite fashion brand is Ami Paris.

24. Junhoe can’t swim but he doesn’t like to admit it.

25. Junhoe’s favorite Japanese food is Yakisoba.

26. Junhoe’s most treasued item is his cap.

27. Although Junhoe likes Yakisoba, but he doesn’t like sushi and seasoned food.

28. His favorite song is “Loyal” by Chris Brown.

29. He loves R&B music.

30. Junhoe’s motto is “Be realistic at all times”.


These are very interesting facts about Ju-Ne. It seem like we have some similar things with each other. What do you think about Ju-Ne? Did you learn anything new about him?


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