'S.M.ROOKIES' with photos and video clips

SM Entertainment is certainly keeping itself busy with the year drawing to a close! In addition to comeback announcements and year-end concert activities, the agency has now announced the launch of a pre-debut team called 'S.M.ROOKIES'! SMTOWN's Facebook had fans flocking over to check out some fresh faces as they went on a posting spree, introducing us to 3 upcoming stars that we can expect to see. They also launched a Facebook page for this 'pre-debut team' and announced in several languages, "SMTOWN will be launching 'SMROOKIES' to meet the upcoming stars, Pre-Debut Team beforehand!" The excitement doesn't end there as we've also been treated to a few video clips of one of the members of S.M.ROOKIES, Seulgi, who not only shows off her cute, natural charms but her singing ability as well. Seulgi is also drawing attention as she seems to be the trainee Seulgi that Kyuhyun and the f(x) members once mentioned on 'Radio Star'. The other two members introduced to us so far as being a part of this 'S.M.ROOKIES' team are two males - Jeno and Taeyong! Check out their photos as well as Seulgi's video clips below and stay tuned for more details to come! Seulgi (19), Jeno (13), Taeyong (18), are kicking off the introduction of 'S.M.ROOKIES', which is a pre-debut team, as in a team that is formed to showcase rookies to the public before their debut. The pre-debut team has no conditions or requirements in regards to its formation or number of members and will give rookies a chance to collaborate in various ways and forms. You'll soon get to witness SM's star-making process as the rookies' talents and their everyday lives are shown through various contents released, some of which include the release of remake songs of their sunbae singers. In addition to observing the growth and progress leading up to each trainee's official debut, it's said the public will be able to directly participate in the whole process, so it seems we'll have to keep our eyes peeled for updates!

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