Danger. part 120

Its taken me a bit longer to figure out this chapter and how to go about Eliza's decision. If you need a recap on what decision is. its finally come to see what Eliza is gonna do? Go on Tour with the boys or take the new job offer.

Part 120 Danger

I had gone to see Belle for an over night as she had her brothers memorial and during that time I had let the guys know what was happening, actually I just told Namjoon it was okay to let the rest know where we were and all of them had traveled down to show their support for her. It was sad to see them go at the end of the day and than it had just been us girls. We had gotten talking serious and it kept me up all night thinking about my job. By the next day I had a decision made.

“Did you even get any sleep last night?” Belle asked as I loaded my stuff into a car to head back.

“Maybe a little” I shrugged. “I was thinking a lot, a little to much” I sighed.

“About what?” Belle said between a yawn.

“About jobs” I said.

“Really? Did you figure it out?” she was a little bit more awake at the news.

“Yea, When I get back I have to talk to Joseph and let him know before I change my mind” I told her. I gave her the insight on what I was doing and she wished me well before I headed out.

When I got back to my apartment I put my bags away. Tonight was a show night so I had a lot to do before I could get to work. After calling up Joseph to see when he was available I found he wouldn’t be open until the next day, considering it was news I should tell him in person I set it up and waited to tell him my answer on his job offer.

I went to Bighit to go talk to the boss. I was extremely nervous about this and wasn’t sure how it would go. Walking down the hallway it was noisy and crowded in the hallways. There was a lot happening this week and a lot of people were around and preparing.

“Eliza!” I heard my name and turned in a complete circle to find the source. Poking his head out of a room was J hope.

“Hobi!” I smiled at him.

“What  are you doing here? J hope asked coming into the hallway “I thought you were staying with Belle” He added.

“Oh Yea, I spent the night with her and I’ll see her soon enough, but I still have work like you guys” I told him making him smile.

“Oh okay, some of the guys are here, not all of them yet” J hope informed me.

“That’s fine It’s still early” I said. It was just turning 10 am and they didnt need make up for another hour and a half. “I’ll be there in a little bit” I told him. “I have some things I have to do first” I smiled sweetly at him. J hope gave me a curious look but nodded.

“Alright, I’ll see you” He said pointing from his eyes to me than waved goodbye.

Quickly I moved down the hallway and up the stairs to the boss’s office. His secretary said he was in and would see me in a few minutes, so I waited.

“You can go in now?” The secretary said. I stood up and went into the office.

“Eliza Your the boys hair stylist is that right?” Boss said as I sat down opposite him.

“Yes thats right” I nodded.

“Is there something the matter that has you coming to me?” He asked.

“Well I wanted to talk to you about my Job” I told him.

“Are you nervous about going on tour with the boys?” He leaned forward showing concern. “Because I know your friends brother just passed away and Belle will not be joining the tour right away” He added. I was glad that he knew of Belle’s circumstances and how we were close friends.

“Oh yes, I just got back from her brothers apartment and memorial” I nodded. “But actually I have something else to talk to you about” I took a deep breath. “I know this isn’t the best time to be doing this but I need to put in my notice of resignation” I rushed it out. His eyes widened.

“Resignation?” He questioned.

“Yes, I thought hard about this and with the tour coming up it would be harder to give a formal two weeks notice. There are 2 other stylists that are more than capable of taking on the extra work” I told him.

“What has you wanting to quit?” He asked.

“Honestly. It has a lot to do with being offered a job that is local and I need to be here for my friend” I told him.

“I understand” He nodded. “If after the tour is over you would like to come back, be on hiatus for the 3 months that they are away-”

“I appreciate that very much” I nodded to him.

We talked for a few more minutes before I left his office and went to go start up on work.

I made it down to the room and saw that the guys were already there talking and hanging out together. When I entered some of them looked over at me.

“Hey” I said smiling happily to them. I didn’t want to seem out of sorts to any of them.

“Eliza your here. I thought you were still with Belle” Jimin said seeing me.

“I stayed the night with her, but I do still have work to do here” I said to him.

“Well I’m glad your here” Namjoon grinned at me.

“Thanks, and you sir I should start getting you boys ready for the day” I told him.

“Where did you go off to?” Jhope asked slinging an arm over my shoulder.

“Just upstairs for a minute. Wanted to talk to the boss about Belle” I covered myself.

“Is she going to make it back to go to the states?” Jimin asked.

“No, at least not right away” I shrugged not knowing if that was true or not. It was open ended enough.

“So what have you guys been talking about?” I asked as I headed towards the make up station to get ready to start.

“Just Kookie’s birthday and Namjoon’s is coming up soon too” Jin answered.

“Well it did just pass and Joonie, you’ll be in the states for your birthday. Looking forward to anything for that day?” I asked.

“Well we have several event that day, so celebrating with ARMY, how much better could that be” He grinned. I kept my internal wince inside. I wouldn’t be there for his birthday. I already had his gift ready, I probably should give that to him before he left for the states.

“That’s going to be a busy day for you” I smiled whirling around to face them. “Okay so whose ready for make up and hair” I said.

I admit I was using work to distance myself a bit from them. Paying more attention to what my hands were doing than talking to them. By the end of the hour I sent the guys on there way and relaxed in the chair. This was going to be harder than I thought to seperate from them.

Throughout the day I trailed behind them through the events, keeping my distance from the guys by staying a shadow. It wasn’t until the end of the day that Yoongi had steered me into a room at the studio and shut the door behind him. It was just me and him in the room.

“You talked to the boss today” yoongi said. “I can’t help but think that you lied to us. You didn’t go to him about Belle” Yoongi said.

I stayed silent.

“You went to tell him about you quitting” He said. “Am I right?” He gazed at me with an intense look.

“Yes. I gave my resignation to him. I won’t be going on tour with you” I told him. A small smile started to spread across his face.

“I knew it” Yoongi grinned at me. He seemed oddly please about this.

“I thought you would have a different reaction to this news” I said.

“I do have mixed emotions about it” Yoongi stepped forward. “That you will not be on tour with us” He started. “I won’t be able to see you whenever I want to” He said.

“You can still call me or text when you want to” I told him.

“And I will do that” He nodded.

“So than what else are you thinking?” I asked.

“Eliza, I like you” Yoongi stated. “You have known for a while now, since the last time we went to the states” He said.

“I do know” I nodded wondering where this was going. My heart was picking up speed and I was trying to remain calm as I thought about where this was going.

“I need to know now before anything else. Lets not drag this out any longer. Are you in this with me or are you getting off? He asked.

“Wait Dense here. Are you asking me if I like you?” I asked him bluntly

“Yes” he nodded.

“Okay, yes” I nodded matter of factly.

“Yes?” he questioned.

“Yes” I said once more.

“You like me? Or you understand?” he asked.

“I like you” I stated. A wide grin spread across his face.

“You like me” Yoongi grinned as I bit my lip to keep from smiling back at him. His easy grin lit up his face as it came closer to me and leaned down. Lips touching mine I gave in easily as I kissed him back as his hand cupped the back of my head and gripped onto my hair. I loved the feeling.

yup, so that happened! Not only did she choose a job, she choose a boy and got a hot kiss!! lol I had wondered on ending the chapter there or continuing but this way is like . . .

will they go on tour now or will Belle have something up with her and Jiminie!!

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