Port Hopping in LI, NY

This outing is a throwback to a few weeks ago, after seeing the amazing views of the harbor during a short car ride up to Cold Spring Harbor. My Long Island travel partner Fiza and I thus ventured to every small dock we could find parking around, and proceeded to snap photos. The result was as expected: serene images of the water and the boats along the shore. The east coast really does have its own charm. It is scary to think that in a few months I will be completed separated from this place I know all too well. Perhaps I should use the word exhilarating. I can barely wrap my head around the idea of living abroad. And I do not think I will until I am actually there. All my thinking of February results in my frequent forgetting that there is still a lot to take place before then. Finals, moving out, traveling, and an all-too-long break fall in between then and now. I have been having that awful feeling of wanting time to speed up, which means, naturally, that time slows down. Time is always the worst.

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