S.O.U.L: A Unit Group With Some Familiar Faces!

Cha Eunwoo (Astro), Ahn Hyoseob (actor), Jung Yooahn (actor), and Bang Jaemin (from MNETs High School Rapper) come together to create this funky jam!

For clarifications:

Eunwoo = 0:04

Hyoseob = 0:12

Yooahn = 0:20

Jaemin = 0:02

This unit collab is for their upcoming web drama they are all starring in together!

You can most recently see Cha Eunwoo in My ID Is Gangnam Beauty, Ahn Hyoseob in Thirty But Seventeen, Jung Yooahn in Come and Hug Me, and Bang Jaemin was on High School Rapper.


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