Beautiful Liar (Vixx Fanfic Chained Up Book 3)

Chapter 19 ************* ~Cory P.O.V~ "Cory wake up" I heard Nalani thick accent purred in my ear. The shower was going on the other side of the room, Nalani had her bare breast pushed up against my bare chest. "Come on it's time to start the day." I peaked at Nalani and felt the corner of my lips pull into a smile. I tighten my arms around Nalani and shifted our positions to where I was on top. I plant a kiss on her lip and made my way down her jaw and neck as she chuckled. The door to the bathroom opened to reveal Lady Sora in her bathroom robe, smiling at the sight of Nalani and me. I pulled Nalani up along with me before placing her on one side of my lap. I held a hand out for Lady Sora for her to take. Luckily she did and I pulled her in to sit on the other side of my lap. "Good Morning my two beautiful mates." Kissing Lady Sora cheek and then Nalani's cheek. "Good morning my hunter" Lady Sora said grabbing my attention with a hand lightly placed on my cheek. She brought her lips to mine and softly kissed them. Her lips tasted like honey they always do. Prince N had given Lady Sora a blessing of letting us become official mates a couple of days after the fire and that what had happened. We held a private mating ceremony before my sister was kidnapped by Kisu. "What are you two doing today?" I asked. Nalani tends to stay by our Lady side in case of danger. She was trained well to handle the safety of our lady at any time. I could trust her to handle herself and Lady Sora well. "Government duties, My child." Lady Sora said pulling out of my lap and walked into the closet. "I thought that wouldn't start until the castle was repaired?" I was for sure that was the plan. Prince N had told Lady Sora that it was okay to not worry about the government of the night world yet. "I can't simply let the government duties go because of the castle needing to be repaired. That is why I will be doing it at my office." Lady Sora came out of the closet with a high waist pencil skirt that showed her curves with a blouse that had a flowy fit to it. This had to be my first time to see her in clothes that people wear these days. She usually had a dress on from her time period, no matter what she was beautiful either way. Nalani came out behind her with a tight pencil dress making sure that the dress was fitted in the right areas of her curves too. I threw myself back on the bed, groaning because how crazy I was going with these two beautiful ladies showing too many curves. "You two are killing me with these tight-fitting outfits that show your curves. You know men these days are nothing but horny animals. I have a feeling I'm going to be braking faces if anyone ever so glances at you two." I said rubbing my face, I could hear their light chuckles as I sat up again. Nalani threw her purse at me with a smile. "Get up and get ready Lyubov moya." Nalani said speaking in her native tongue on the last part. I got up and went to the shower and was out 15 minutes later. I took both of my mates hands, we had breakfast with the princes before leaving. We took Nalani car but I was the one driving with Lady Sora in the back and Nalani in the front passenger. I was given directions to the building that worked day and night for those who were part of the night world. From what the ladies told me that there were two different sides of the building. One for night creatures and the other for humans. Humans were allowed to stay after if they wanted to. "Cory where are we going this is not the way to the building." I smiled to myself. I had turned at a familiar corner. "I know, I have a surprise for you ladies." I winked at Nalani who had a stern look on her face. Taking further routes, I pulled up to a house that looked like a flat rectangle L shape. There were a lot of windows that had a tint to them but you could still see the glow from the lights from the inside. There was also a pool in the backyard. "Ta-da!! Welcome to our new home." I had search for two days while my sister is in a coma to keep myself busy. I had talked to my brothers about this and they were okay with it. There will be days where I would still stay at the family house but with Hongseob living with Nirvana at her pack's pack house. I didn't think that the ladies would want to stay at a place where there were bad memories, so I bought a house and put Jeunguk as the co-owner of the family house. "This is ours?" Nalani asked with her jaw opened. "Yes, it is ours. I thought we could start our mating life at a place of our own instead of the castle and my family house where my brothers are at. " I explained. "That was very thoughtful of you my child." Lady Sora leaned forward and kissed my cheek. "It's beautiful." "Thank you Cory" Nalani kissed my lips. When she pulled back, I couldn't help but smile. I was happy that I could please them both. "You're welcome my loves. Now let's get you two to work." I said focusing back on the road and drove to the building. The ride had gone quiet when I pulled up to the front. I got out and rushed to help Nalani and Lady Sora out of the car. I followed behind them as people greeted them with bows. I glared at the guys whoever looked at Lady Sora and Nalani. Lady Sora softly kissed my cheek and gave me a soft smile. "Bury your brothers well and your sister will be fine when she wakes up tonight. You better hurry back there to see her." She told me before walking into her office. Nalani grabbed a fist full of my leather jacket and kissing me hard. If I didn't know better she was trying to put on a show and I gladly went with it as we exchange saliva with our tongues and my hand trailed down to Nalani waist pulling her close to me before grabbing her ass. "See you later Hunter." she purred and left me standing there in the hallway. I smiled, proud of the little show we showed in front of the others. I turned around and walked down the hall where I could feel every female and male eyes on me. When I got in the elevator, I smirked at everyone with a cocky attitude. Getting back to the Vixx clan house, my little brothers were there. I invited myself in, shrugging my jacket off I walked in the living room and laid it on the back of the couch. "Any news?" I asked my brothers as they shook their heads. I sat back, letting a sigh exhale from me. This was the stressful part of waiting for a new fledging vampire to awake. We were quiet for moments long until Ravi waked in the living room with a smirk on his face. He stepped aside to let our sister walked in. She had a cream white flowy v-neck with her black leather jacket, blue jeans and a vixx clan choker around her neck. Her hair was styled with waves and her eyes were a stormy grey with a tint of bright violet color around the pupil. We all stood up and shock by the overwhelming appearance she brought in the room. She looked at each one of us and smiled. ~Lei's P.O.V~ My eyes pried open, I looked around to see that I was in Wonsik and my room in the bed. I felt that my body was different. I could hear others talking loud and clear from downstairs.  I was taking in the new senses that I had my guard down and didn't hear Wonsik come in until he placed a hand on my cheek to shift my attention to him. His cologne was stronger than when I was human. "Kitten?" he whispered before kissing my forehead. "How do you feel?" It took me a moment to respond because he was more handsome since the last time I saw him when we were fighting my brother and his mate. "I feel overwhelmed." He chuckled and kissed my lips. "You will get use to it soon Kitten. Now let's get you fed and ready for the night." He said while shifting his body and rolling up a sleeve of his shirt, he held out his wrist for me. I looked back from him and his wrist, I felt my mouth water as I could hear and smell his blood. I felt my new fangs growing as I leaned farther to his wrist. Taking it in my hands to hold him still, I sank my fangs through his skin, the metallic taste of his blood was a thrilling rush to my head as I began to suck.  He had creased my hair while I fed on him. And when I was finished, I had leaned limped into his body where I felt safe and loved. "Your brothers are waiting downstairs for you. would you like to see them?" He asked with his lips on the top of my head.   "Is it safe?" I asked with many worries that I would try to attack them, but knowing them they would kick my ass even if I am a stronger new fledgling to them. "Don't worry, I'll be there to make sure everything will go well. Along with my brothers." It took me a moment to finally get the courage to nod my head. I picked up off the bed with Wonsik carrying me bridal style to the bathroom. He set me down on the closed toilet as he started the shower for me. He turned to me and kissed me before leaving the bathroom. I was glad he left because we would be sure to stay longer in the bathroom than we needed too. I didn't want my brothers to wait longer for me so I quickly got undressed and hopped in the warm shower. After a quick wash, I shut off the water and pulled the certain back. I grabbed my towel and started to dry myself off. I didn't have any clothes in the bathroom so I opened the bathroom door to be greeted by Nisha and Aruem with smiling faces. "There's are new loving sister." I couldn't help at smirking at them. "Let's get you dressed and ready to go so we can get ready later." She stepped to the side where I saw a neatly placed on the bed was a cream white flowy shirt with blue jeans and my black leather jacket. I went to the dresser to grab a new pair of matching underwear and slipping it on and then the shirt and jeans. Nisha set me down on the vanity seat in front of the mirror. SHe took out a blow dryer and started to dry my hair as Areum once again did my make up. I felt a slight deja vu since they had done this before. "How do you feel?" Aruem asked. I guess she didn't like the silence among us. "I feel slightly overwhelmed but doing better now." I answered her before she motioned me to press my lips together for the lipstick to even out. "It takes time to get used too in a few weeks but in general how do you feel about your brothers and what happened." She asked as Nisha got on to her claiming that she was starting to sound like Hyuk before agreeing with her on how she wanted to know too. "Well since you put it that way. I feel hurt and sad. I did lose a brother who saved Wonsik and my life but I think I'm more hurt by what Kisu did to us, his family. You can't change the past and only can live with what you have today and so on. The mourning in my family last until we set the family member free to the goddess then we go on with our lives like nothing happened until the day of their remembrance where we light a candle for them." I explained while Nisha finished up with my hair. She made it a wavey style, the light make up Aruem did make me less pale then I did before. The eyeliner made my now stormy grey eyes pop. You could see a tint of bright violet purple around the pupils of my eyes. I sucked in some air by looking at my appearance in the mirror. There was a light knock on the door before it was opened by Aruem. Wonsik came and stood frozen before recovering and handing me a velvet black box to me. I opened it to see a choker necklace with the vixx symbol on it. Wonsik took the box out of my hands and set it on the vanity before turning to me and putting the choker on around my neck. Stepping back he smiled. "There the final masterpiece for my kitten. You look beautiful Lei." I kissed his cheek in a thank you but was interrupted by Aruem and Nisha awing at us. We had rolled our eyes and I grabbed my jacket off the bed to put it on. I went into the closet to put on my boots before going back to Wonsik, who lead me downstairs to where my brothers were. I felt my stomach become a nervous pit at every step closer to them. I could smell each of them. I had stopped in the middle of the hall where the kitchen was at. "I can't do this." I whispered loud enough for Wonsik to turn around to face me. N, Leo, Ken, Hongbin, and Hyuk came out of the kitchen as Wonsik walked back to stand in front of me. He rubbed my arms and made me look into his eyes. "Yes, you can Kitten. We are all here to make sure nothing happens. Just breathe in" I followed his instructions and exhaled when he said too. I did that a couple of times. "Lei, You can do this, you have to face them sometime soon. They all wanted this for you." I heard N say to me as he squeezed my shoulder. I had looked at him and I couldn't smile that big smile on his face before looking at Wonsik. "I see what you mean about her strong overpowering aroma she holds. Quite strong indeed and let's not forget those eyes. So different from other. I can't wait to see what the future holds for you Lei." "Only I could tell but I won't." Hyuk said before going back to the kitchen. "Trust me, Lei, you will be fine cause I see everything." He called over his shoulder as the others followed behind him giving me encouragements as they leave. I took Wonsik hand and made my way to the living room. I had Wonsik go in first and then I stepped in to look at each and one of my brothers. My eyes lastly landed on Cory who was shocked the most.  I couldn't help a smile at their reactions. "Uhh hi." It was kinda awkward but also felt comfortable to start off. Jeunguk shook out his phase and came close up to me to have his hands around my face to bring me closer so he can get a closer look. "Wow, this is so odd. I never saw a vampire have a grey and violet purple eye color before and not to mention of how much power you prosses just by walking into the room." he blurted out loud but was shoved out of the way by Jinhong who wanted a closer look at me. It made me feel uncomfortable but I didn't want to say anything. "Cory!" Changsun called out as he snapped out of his trace and looked at him. "Aren't you gonna greet our sister." he nudged his head in my direction. Cory walked at a fast pace for a human as he gripped me into a tight hug. "I was so scared of losing you again LeiLei. You look even more gorgeous than before. Not saying you weren't because you were gorgeous but just wow. Vampire genes don't play do they." I chuckled at his random rambling.  "I see, mating with the Lady Sora and Nalani hasn't changed you one bit." I punched his shoulder but to only groan and holding the discomforting pain he felt. "Kitten you have to be careful with your brothers. Now they are the fragile ones." Wonsik chuckled as I worried about Cory who was kneeling on the floor still holding his shoulder. "Oh my goddess, Cory are you okay!" "Never better LeiLei." He finally stood up and rolled his shoulder. We heard a cough behind us to see N with the guy that helped Wonsik and I. "You have a guest." He said and left. Wonsik kissed my temple and told me that he was going to let me and my brothers have a private talk with the guy. My brothers shifted around the room as I told the guy to come to sit down. "Thank you." I told him after he was seated. "Thank you for saving my life." He nodded and didn't say anything else. "Who are you?" Cory asked looking at him. The guy rubbed his hands on his pants before looking at each and one of us. "I'm your long lost little brother. My name is Kiyong. Our parents gave me to the hunter association where I grew up in. I'm a few years younger than Lei." We all looked at each other thinking when did our parent have another kid and didn't know about it.  "How did you find us?" Jinhong asked the next question. "We got an anonymous letter saying to send someone over at the church where you guys were at. I was picked to go and when I got there, I found my family that I always wanted to meet but couldn't because I wasn't allowed too at a certain age. But now it doesn't matter." We all sent the room another silence. It was Cory who spoke up. "Welcome to the family little brother." He got up and shooked his hand. I got up and squeezed Kiyong into a tight hug. "Now I'm the youngest any more. This is such a relief. Do you know how much bullshit I suffered from them? Words can not explain how. Welcome home little brother. How this is so exciting." I had let go of Kiyong. Kiyong laughed as he shook the others hands and gave them bro hugs.  "Since that is out of the way. I think its time to let Kisu and Hui rest in peace with the goddess." We had agreed as Cory, Jeunguk, Hongseob, and Jinhong went to get their bodies. I lead  Changsun and Kiyong outside where we saw Vixx brothers and their mates standing there with the stuff we needed. "May we join?" N asked as I nod my head with a small smile at each them. We took the stuff out of their hands and prepared the burning ritual as the others came back with our two dead brothers bodies.  Cory and Jeunguk set one body that was wrapped in a black bag on the bed of hay while Hongseob and Jinhong placed the other on the hay. I took a matchstick and grind it against the sandpaper on the side to have the fire started. Chungsun did the same as we counted to three before throwing it at the hay. I stepped back to Wonsik side and held his hand. We all stood in silence until one of us started the lullaby that our mother always sang to us. It was about how we would let the moon goddess lead us to our lives of life and death. We were in harmony until the bodies were nothing but ashes and had set their souls free.

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