Beautiful Liar (Vixx Fanfic Chained Up Book 3)

Chapter 20 ************** Its been months after the burning ritual of Kisu and Hui. Life was finally turning right side up. I gained a new family and enhanced my powers to their fullest. Wonsik and I had a mini honeymoon for a month at the beach until Lady Sora had ordered an order to capture this one guy who was causing a problem. He was a psychopath for sure and was put in a better place. "Rise and Shine sleepy heads!! My brother Zeke agreed to watch Hyunki and Hyeah for me so we can have a family outing since it's been a while. I can't wait to feel free again." Nisha opened the curtains to have the sunset sky light up the room. "Come on get up in clubbing clothes!!" Wonsik groaned and pulled me closer, burying his face in my neck. I could feel his light breathing hitting against my skin. I snaked my arms around his shoulders and ran my fingers through his hair. When I had come back from hunting, we had a wild night of pleasure. "Wonsik?" I called out to him to see if he was awake but all I got back was an hmm. "Come on baby, We should get up and dress before Nisha comes back." "Ughh she only wants to go because of one of the Exo wolves is having a birthday party." he grunts in annoyance. I've met the Exo clan before and didn't know them well enough. But since I knew Nisha they invited her and she invited us to go. "Come on, It shouldn't be too bad." I told him, pushing him off and went to go get ready. I think for the first time, I was glad Nisha and Areum weren't fussing to do my hair and makeup since they were too getting ready. I put on a silky purple v neck shirt with my black leather jacket and black pants. I had let my hair naturally dry into their waves and did a light makeup job on my face because I wasn't really trying to impress anyone besides my mate. Wonsik and I were done in a matter of time and went down the stairs to the living room where my brothers and brother in laws were standing around. I was surprised to see Lady Sora, Nalani, Nirvana, and Hava here as well. "I don't understand why she invited us to come along." I heard one of my brothers saying to another one. "Because you're related to me and I'm related to her as a sister in law. If I have to be there so do you. And if you hurt her feeling then I'll make sure you won't stand for weeks." I glared at them. I was worried that they would hurt Nisha feeling because she is more sensitive now after having her baby girl. "Ravi you just gonna let her speak to us like that." I gave my mate one look and he looked at my brothers and shrugged his shoulders. "Sorry, my kitten has me tied down." Hongbin and Hyuk made whipping sounds to tease their brother as it was his turn to glare at them deadly that they instantly stopped. "Okay is everyone here and ready?" Nisha asked stepping into the room while N was close behind on her heels. She frowned at the sight of my outfit. "Lei that's not a club worthy outfit." I looked down at my outfit and looked back at her. We were having a silent stare down. "Nisha just let Lei wear what she want's to wear. We are already running late." She frowns but nods at her mate. He took her by the hand and led her to the garage where we all piled into cars. My brothers and Nirvana went with Hyuk and Hongbin, Cory, Nalani, and Lady Sora went in their own car. N and Nisha took their car with Leo and Areum joining them. Ken and Hava joined Wonsik and I in Wonsik car. I could say that the ride to the club with Ken and Hava was extremely awkward. I could feel the tension between the two. Hava energy gave off a hurt and angry vibe as Ken was an angry and apologetic vibe. I knew Wonsik could feel the tension too and did his best to comfort me with his hand twined with mine and his thumb rubbing circles on the back of my hand. When we pulled into the club parking lot, I sighed in a relief. Wonsik held the car door for me, while offering a hand to help me out of the car. "Hello Nisha." One of the bodyguard greeted. "Hey Tao, Kris" she greeted them both as one nod at her before letting us all skip the line and head straight in. I could hear complaints from others who were standing in line. When stepping in, the music pound against my heart as I felt the beats rise and drop. Nisha led us to the V.I.P area, where the other exo members were at. They all greeted her and ordered us drinks as one another started conversation with us. After a couple of drinks down, Wonsik asked me if I wanted to dance. I wasn't much of a dancer but I didn't have much of a choice when he pulled me out to the dance floor. He placed my arms around his neck and his hands on my hips. Pressing our bodies together, he guided me to grind up against him like how the other people on the dance floor was doing. I had gotten it after a few minutes before enjoying myself. By the fourth song, I had this overwhelming energy feeling that was bothering me. I looked around the room to see if I could place where it was coming from. My eyes meet with a lady who felt like she was ancient in her young looking body. Her appearance looked familiar as if I've seen her before but couldn't place it. She had long brown hair as her eyes has the red color to them. She had elegance to her as if she was raised from a rich family. I watched her across the room. She smirked and raised her glass as a toast to me. "Kitten?" Wonsik whispered in my ear gaining my attention. I looked into his familiar red eyes. "What are you looking at?" He questioned. "There was a lady over there" I pointed him in the direction where the lady was but in fact nobody was there. "I don't see a lady over there." He chuckled. "No she was there, I swear to the moon goddess." He chuckled again while bringing his lips to peck mine. "Whatever you say my beautiful liar."

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