Now Temporarily Disable Webroot Desktop Firewall via Webroot Phone Number

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How to temporarily disable the webroot desktop firewall?

Right-click on the Webroot Desktop Firewall icon in the Windows system tray

Click "Exit" in version 5.5 or Close in version 1.5

Now you can click “yes” at the prompt “Are you sure you want to quit?”

Uninstall webroot desktop firewall version 1.5

Now Go to Start

Go to Programs > Webroot > Webroot Desktop Firewall > Uninstall

Select "Yes" at the prompt "Are you sure you want to completely remove this program?

Now restart the computer

Go to Start

Go to control Panel

Select Add/Remove Programs

Select Webroot Desktop Firewall > Remove

Restart the computer

The webroot desktop firewall will be disabled temporarily and easily without any problem. Users of webroot can depend upon the professionals to attain fastest recovery for all problems existing in webroot antivirus. All concerns will be taken care of immediately by engineers help. Users can feel free to connect with professionals for receiving immediate help and support that comes up in webroot antivirus through webroot antivirus customer service number. Our professionals are available to help you get best help and support whenever needed. We completely eliminate all hitches and concerns that exist in webroot antivirus.


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