Whoa! The movie was not bad at all yo lol probably the only "Bad thing" people will consider is that there's no spider-man But me personally I love the villains more than the hero's lol And i Do love the character Venom more than spider-Man lol >:D But any ways this movie had alot of stuff staright out of the comic book!It was fun good action the acting wasn't bad nor cheesy we got A Stan Lee cameo *HELL YEAH* this movie does not deserve the 30% that the critics gave it.... I'll leave it at that.

Hello I'm COLLECTOR5 I'm a nerd a geek hahaha I Love COMICS I LOVE Anime and I also love mangas!!!!!!! Lol i collect masks,toys, action figures,snap backs, and many other cools stuff! I also Cosplay I love to draw I love music All types (as long as it has a good message I'll hear the music ^_^) Ask me any question guys get to know me :) I would to hear from any one :) Have geek convos or debates with me hahah I love that as well :D :)
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