[Etude House] BB Cream Review: Etude Magic BB Cream

Verdict: The Etude Magic BB Cream isn't like the typical multi tasking BB cream that provides heavy coverage. So if you're looking into concealing your blemishes this product may not be suited for you. While on the other hand, for the Nude / Natural look lover I highly recommend this product. As I have said, it doesn't apply heavy on skin and feels very light and cool just like applying a regular moisturizer. You can think of it as a tinted moisturizer with additional benefits for your skin. The shade looks like a dark beige and gives off that nice hint of bronze-y look on my complexion. For those who are a bit lighter than my complexion this color will add a subtle tan like glow on the cheek bone area if not topped with blush on. Overall: 8/10 A wonderful must have product specially for summer. Why 8 out 10? Because I am not a big fan of the scent. It comes off like a fancy floral scent and I am not big on flower like scent. I always prefer powder, misty or no scent at all. If not for the scent I'd give this a perfect 10 for the Nude look and light feel on the skin while keeping all the benefits of a good BB cream. This product retails for only $17.00 and is very budget friendly. http://www.koreandoll.net/2012/04/review-etude-house-magic-bb-cream-moist.html FTC: The Etude Magic BB Cream Moist was sent to me by TheBBCream.com for review purposes. Also, I’m not getting paid for the review I have for this product. I’m not affiliated with any of the companies/brands mentioned. This is my honest opinion.

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