My Only Love Song

Anyone up for a new Time travel kdrama?!

An actress and her road manager are on set of a period drama Su Jeong is the lead female who is the princess, but when things go haywire in her life and needing to go far away she gets into an old fashion Van named Boong Boong and heads off to where the Van tells her. this is the start of her adventure as Boong Boong transports them back into the past . . . . and into the story she was just filming!! de javu much!!!

Think your Dreaming! Well if Jung Lee Jong Hyun spanks you, chances are . . . you are lol

Pssst Major Bromance feelings shall start here!

the van is packed with 21st century items which leads to some pretty entertaining reactions and fun scenes!!

Intetesting Kdrama For ya!

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