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BET ENCORE is decentralized blockchain based betting platform

for variety of gaming contents such as casino, sports betting and poker

with its exclusive cryptocurrency BTEN as well as BTC and ETH.

BET ENCORE provides legal gaming service in accordance with the regulation and law by acquiring GLI, the international casino certification standard and gambling license of Curacao, Malta and United States.

BET ENCORE is based on Blockchain technology to guarantee fairness. In particular, we have innovatively improved fairness by inter-user exchange of random numbers, which are essential factors of games Moreover, we ensure safety, privacy and minimum service fee through cryptocurrency transactions.

Having GrapeGaming as a development partner has ensured high quality gaming contents for BTEN.

BTEN certainly has a unique advantage when compared with other game platforms.

BTEN Coin aims to handle core data with the highest level of security and accuracy.

It is designed based on the Peercoin technology which is well proven to be reliable.

It applies hybrid mining system in both PoS and PoW methods that utilize encrypted hash functions.

PoS mining method maximizes the system efficiency by adapting the exponential Stake Aging Algorithm.

Upon 3rd generation coins being sufficiently verified and stabilized,

we will hard fork BTEN Coin in order to improve its systemic performance.

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