Coffee Game!

I have a fun coffee door game for my coffee lovers and Fam!

Its with a twist, instead of using doors to enter we are going to pick which witchy shop to go into! Lol

HALLOWEEN Theme baby!

So what is this all about?

Well Step 1. you'll be picking a sign to see what kind of coffee shop setting you'll enter into.

Step 2 you'll pick a coffee mug to see what drink your getting!

The 3rd and last step is picking out which coffee art you want and see what Kdrama actor yoy will meet at coffee shop!!!

Yey! Lol so who is ready to play?

Pick a Sign!!






Alrighty now that you picked a sign leave a comment what number you choose and tomorrow (thursday) you'll find out what coffee shop you enter!

My coffee lovers!


(let me know if you want to join the coffee lovers tag list!)

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