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Hey everyone I am Dara and I have been traveling to see concerts for the past 2 years, as a kpop fan we all know that it is a very expensive hobby. I Live in the Midwest and no not Chicago, I m from missouri and we do not get any love in the K world, if you are like me then you are proabably in college now and wanting to save as much money as possible but also want to listen to your favorite music once in awhile that being said i started a petiotion anyone who is in the midwest I encourage you to sign, the problem is that companies who sponsor these groups dont believe there enough fans out here which is not true. Without futher ado please sign this petition and give me suggestions and lets all get along, also this is my first post please help me spread this message, and treat me well.

Thank you bunches-Dara


Also is you would like to be updated let me know!

New to here but hope to be very active! please share my stories and I will write more and I will aim to entertain and keep everyone updated for sure!
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