TRCNG Member Rap Line Introduction: JisungπŸŽ‰

Hello New Generation! It's Melissa with the last member of TRCNG Rap Line. Let's get to know a little more about Jisung.


Birth Name: Kim Jisung 김지성

Birthday: December 21, 2000

Nationality: Korean

Languages: Korean

Position: High rapper

Height: 171 cm

Blood Type: O

Nickname: Squirrel, Rattata (kkoret in Korean)

Additional Talents: Backpack kid dance

Interest: Writing (occasionally taking notes)

Favorite Artist: G-Dragon

Goals: Let’s do it!

Lifestyle Motto: β€œYou have to take a risk in order to get something good.”

Jisung is so adorably cute. I'm claiming him as my son XD


Until next time New Generation!


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