PTG/B.A.P Hunger Games: The Bloodbath

Hello Hello all and welcome to the first day of the Hunger Games Event, I am President Halsyeon and this is my version of the Hunger Games!

I'd like to remind everyone that this card series is rated PG-13 and that the series contents is all fictional.

Today is going to be a journey! In this card we'll go through The Bloodbath, Day 1, an Arena Event, and then take a look at the Fallen Tributes and who's still alive!

I know I know this will be a longish card, I'm sorry but in order for you guys to keep making assumptions on who will win we have to end after the simulation gives me a Fallen Tribute's page!

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--Here we go--

(I am leaving my own comments in italics so look out for them!)

The Bloodbath:

| The Cornucopia Bloodbath always takes place at the beginning of the games. This is where all the tributes start out. |

Youngjae, Wooseok, Matokis, Hyuna, Jinho, Universe, Yeo One, Babyz, Hongseok, YonggukDaehyun(Thank god, these babes are all safe for now.)

HimchanYuto (Himchan! Cube was supposed to be the first to die! How dare you!)

CubeHui Cube(That's right Cube, don't mess with my boy.)

Military Service

Shinwon, E'DawnKino(I love myself some good ole fashion teamwork.)



JongupPaul Jack

Day 1:

CubeYoungjae( no...Cube'll backstab you!)


Military Service

E'Dawn(That's right boy, you find you some water.)

Shinwon(Shinwon is afraid of animals...I'd love to see how this would turn out...)

ZeloHongseok(Boys!!! Go after Cube and TS first!!!)

YananUniverse(Poor baby!)


Hui(This is so me!)

Yeo One


Paul Jack(Jongup you'd better watch out, boy's coming for you since you scared him earlier!)

TS(Bitch...there's people killing people in the same arena as you and you're picking flowers? TS is planning something...I can feel it!)

Jongup(Yeah, you'd better. Paul Jack is coming for you!)

KinoYonggukKino(Yes, keep that sinful boy alive Yongguk. I'm forever grateful!)


JinhoHimchan(I have no smol boy is going for it!)

Arena Event:

(Man the sim just threw this at me so early on!)

"A cloud of poisonous smoke starts to fill the arena."

Paul Jack, Babyz, Wooseok, & Yongguk(Did four people really just die??)

YoungjaeCube(Hah, yes Youngjae coming through!)

UniverseKino(The best news I've heard all day)

TSYanan(Yes let my angel live. I respect that TS.)


DaehyunHuiDaehyunHui (Daehyun! No one trust him!)

E'DawnMilitary ServiceE'DawnMilitary Service(I'm not even mad here. XD)

ZeloHyunaZelo Hyuna(Zelo just killed Dawn's woman. You'd better watch your back!)

HimchanShinwonHimchanShinwon(Could the sim not think of anything else but this to kill people off?)

Yeo OneJinhoYeo OneJinho(Ultimate betrayal. Yeo One you are on my Bad List now! Not my Husband!)

Tributes Status 1:

District 1:

Jinho (Deceased)

Hongseok (Deceased)

District 2:

E'Dawn (Alive)

Hyuna (Deceased)

District 3:

Hui (Deceased)

Kino (Alive)

District 4:

Yuto (Deceased)

Wooseok (Deceased)

District 5:

Yanan (Alive)

Yeo One (Alive)

District 6:

Shinwon (Deceased)

Paul Jack (Deceased)

District 7:

Military Service (Deceased)

Matokis (Deceased)

District 8:

Yongguk (Deceased)

Zelo (Alive)

District 9:

Himchan (Alive)

Jongup (Alive)

District 10:

Daehyun (Alive)

Youngjae (Alive)

District 11:

TS (Deceased)

Cube (Deceased)

District 12:

Universe (Alive)

Babyz (Deceased)

Fallen Tributes 1:

| 14 Cannons go off |

(Dear god half the people are dead already!!)

Yuto (District 4)

Wooseok (District 4)

Hongseok (District 1)

Jinho (District 1)

Paul Jack (District 6)

Shinwon (District 6)

Babyz (District 12)

Cube (District 11)

TS (District 11)

Hui (District 3)

Military Service (District 7)

Matokis (District 7)

Hyuna (District 2)

Yongguk (District 8)

(I'm dead half of Pentagon is gone already!!)


Put your predictions on who you think will win in the comments!!!



We hope you enjoy this simulation!


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