OMG Dramafever Just Shut Down :(

There was no warning, just this morning the website closed :(

With the closure of DramaFever, about 20% of the unit’s 110 employees (or around 22) will be laid off. According to a source familiar with DramaFever, licensing costs for U.S. distribution commanded by top K-dramas have rapidly increased in recent years, bid up by larger players like Netflix and Amazon — making the genre-focused over-the-top video business unsustainable. A show that used to cost $800,000 to license for streaming now goes for around $1 million per season, according to the source.

I can't remember the last time I watched a K drama, but back in the day I love them so much and dramafever was the site I watched the most.

So sad to see them go and hoping the people who lost their jobs are okay :(

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