PTG/B.A.P Hunger Games: Night 5

Hello Hello all and welcome to the sixth day of the Hunger Games Event, I am President Halsyeon and this is my version of the Hunger Games! (1 day remains for this event!)

I'd like to remind everyone that this card series is rated PG-13 and that the series contents is all fictional.

Here are the events for today's card: Night 5, Day 6, Fallen Tributes 6, Night 6, Day 7, and Fallen Tributes 7.

--Here we go--

(I am leaving my own comments in italics so look out for them!)

Night 5:




Yeo One(Somebody get all of them a blanket!)

Day 6:

Yeo OneJongup

UniverseYoungjae.(*shakes head*)

Fallen Tributes 6:

(no one died)

(Because no one died we will continue on to Night 6, Day7, and Fallen Tributes 7 on this card.)

Night 6:



UniverseYeo One(Well then...there goes the last Pentagon member...)

Day 7:



Tributes Status 6/7:

District 1:

Jinho (Deceased)

Hongseok (Deceased)

District 2:

E'Dawn (Deceased)

Hyuna (Deceased)

District 3:

Hui (Deceased)

Kino (Deceased)

District 4:

Yuto (Deceased)

Wooseok (Deceased)

District 5:

Yanan (Deceased)

Yeo One (Deceased)

District 6:

Shinwon (Deceased)

Paul Jack (Deceased)

District 7:

Military Service (Deceased)

Matokis (Deceased)

District 8:

Yongguk (Deceased)

Zelo (Deceased)

District 9:

Himchan (Deceased)

Jongup (Alive)

District 10:

Daehyun (Deceased)

Youngjae (Alive)

District 11:

TS (Deceased)

Cube (Deceased)

District 12:

Universe (Alive)

Babyz (Deceased)

Fallen Tributes 7:

| 1 Cannon goes off |

Yeo One (District 5)

Fun Facts:

-No Pentagon member remains in the game.

-There are only 3 tributes remaining.


This is your last chance for your predictions. The games will end tomorrow and a winner will be crowned!



We hope you enjoy this simulation!


Universe Council:


Universe Citzens:


If you'd like to be tagged please let us know!If you'd like to be tagged please let us know!


Matoki Council:


Baby Taglist:


Let us know if you'd like to be tagged!Let us know if you'd like to be tagged!

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