Suga Cmty President Intro


Hi all! Veronica here. I'm so happy and want to thank @VingleEnglish for giving me this opportunity. I am the President/Pioneer for our beloved Suga, aka Genius, aka Yoongs, Yoongi, Min Genius, Min Suga.

I hope to bring a lot of fun and content to our community about our genius and grandpa of the group. everyone's inner kindred spirit.

I'm Verojica and an older a kpop fan. I'm 31 about to be 32.


I've been into kpop since 2005 but really knew about it since 2001 when I watched kdramas with some friends in high school.

I'm a lover of anime just like our boh Suga and a lover of music as well.

you may have seen me around here on vingle because I'm president of RM and Tarhyungs cmty, as well and do support for Jimin, jungkook and jhope. I also do support for bigbang and winner cmty, and Fanfiction.

I'm multifandom in all things of my life, books, animes, movies, kpop.

I hope to see some interaction on here and hope to bring you a give away.


Please comment down below if you want to help grow this community with me by being a part of the council..

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