Entrepreneurs behind the Products #2: Steve Wozniak

There is a lot to be said and remembered about Steve Jobs. He was a visionary that HELPED bring in the new era of consumer technology. Yet while he was revered as a true visionary, and rightfully, I do not feel enough credit is given to the men who helped create Apple. Men such as Steve Wozniak, who has been called basically the Michael Jordan of the technology world. While Wozniak is famous, and deservedly in the tech world, his name is not spoken in public circles as Jobs' is. Wozniak is considered an incredible tech visionary because it was he who designed singlehandedly the first Apple computer. He designed, by himself, the hardware, the circuit board designs, and operating system for Apple I. From Wiki, "tt was the first time in history that a character displayed on a TV screen was made by a home computer." While Jobs is credited with being the driving force of Apple, it was Wozniak who actually made the first Apple products. While Wozniak was a complete "geek," because he designed these purely because he enjoyed them, Jobs saw it as a career opportunity. It was through Jobs' vision that Wozniak agreed to found Apple Inc. Apple found its real first success, though, in Apple II, as it became one of the first highly successful mass-produced personal computers. It is important to note, as well, that Apple II actually was not going to be made because Wozniak and Jobs disagreed on the specifications of the machines. Eventually Wozniak won because Jobs knew Wozniak was the only who could possibly design these computers. While Jobs enjoyed being the visionary and the leader (and he was very good at it, especially after coming back to Apple), Wozniak fell into the background because he abhorred the limelight. He actually called Apple "the bane of his existence" because he wanted to lead a quieter life and actually wanted to teach (middle school! And actually he did). After he crashed his own plane (why do all these people want to pilot?), he decided to permanently leave Apple. He remained mostly on as a simple engineer and a consultant. It is interesting to hear Wozniak talk about the movie "Jobs." He clearly felt that the movie did a bad job in portraying the real story of Apple, as it "over-glorified" Steve Jobs. While some may be cynical in pointing out that WoZ (his nickname) did this because of his portrayal in the movie, it should be pointed out that his anger in the interview seems to be motivated because he wanted to protect the images of other characters, not his own. I invite you all to watch some the videos I am uploading here, especially the ones he did in the 70s and the interview about the movie "Jobs."

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