Strange & Unusual

Its Suga's turn to play!

This game is going around for a few of the members of bts, Tae is playing, as will Jhope but for now it is Suga's turn to stumble into a coffee shop.

On a sunny afternoon Suga was walking down the streets by himself wandering around and taking into the sights around him. An unusual shop at the top of the hill caught his attention. there was a stone pathway leading to the building. As he approached closer to the shop there was words on the window. 'The strange and unusual'. This intreged him the most, as he tries the door and it opened he stepped inside. The front of the shop had shelves and shelves of mason jars with different things inside. some looked like liquid and others looked like herbs.

Towards the right side of the shop was tables and chairs set up, a bar with a list of coffee's listed on a chalk board. A man with white hair pointing straight up stood behind the counter. his hands were tucked in a black vest and a creepy smile spread across his face when he saw Suga.

Would you like a cup of coffee? He asks.

Now is the moment when you find out if is actually safe in this unusual shop.

screenshot the coffee's and find out if Suga gets poisioned or is safe!!


Go ahead and comment below on if Suga got a Good cup of coffee or a bad cup!!

This is the poisoned coffee!

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