U-KISS' Hoon Begs for Help, Young Relative Severely Beaten :(

In the translation they say this kid was bullied but that's not a strong enough word for me. This child was assaulted, beaten, and brain damaged. I'm furious.

Earlier, Hoon uploaded something on Twitter that made me blood boil. Here's Eli's translation:

Our member Hoon recently uploaded a message. Alot of you are probably confused as to what it means so I've translated. • There is currently a child unconscious and hospitalized due to bullying by a classmate at Mokpo Seoha Elementary School in Jeonnam Province. If he returns consciousness he will remain at a mental state of a 3-4 year old. The child who is in the hospital is a family member of mine and I am so angry and upset because I was told that the parents of the bully were standing outside the hospital room laughing and joking around. Currently my family is not receiving any comfort because this problem cannot be investigated by authorities due to it being between minors. How ridiculous. . I do not know what to do. I just pray that he regains consciousness...

Run down:

- U-KISS' Hoon's family member who is a primary student at Mokpo Seohae Primary, located in the South Jeolla Province was beaten by a classmate severely that he's currently in the ICU

- Doctors say even if the kid does wake up, s/he will have the mind of a 3-4 year old as the child is brain dead

- The school isn't doing anything to help because the incident involves primary students, and the perpetrator hasn't been disciplined

- Parents of perpetrator's were also snickering and talking outside the ICU, while the victim was admitted

- Hoon's family doesn't know what to do with the current situation

- Hoon is hoping that with media coverage, the school is able to take action


Eli has shared the issue on his Instagram

Government Blue House Petition

Praying for Hoon and his family.Praying for Hoon and his family.

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