I wanted to buy a blue laser pointer

But I found that the only thing with the technology to create them and the one with the patent were selected. The green laser pointer is about $ 100 and the red laser pointer is usually $ 20. Why is the price extreme difference? What are these diodes? Why is it difficult to make them?

I have to wait a bit to buy a cheap blue laser pointer(https://www.laserpointerpro.com/attribute/color_blueviolet-laser-pointers_18)

. The reason is very simple. The red laser diode was invented 15 years ago. A green laser diode was invented five years ago and a blue laser diode was invented last year. As with DVD writers, flat screen TVs and other new products, prices will decline dramatically over time. Mainly, this is because one company owns patents for the first time and can do whatever they want, if any. When the patent expires or alternative technologies are invented, the price goes down.

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