DPR LIVE Council Intro!😘

What's up everyone! It's me Amber also known as Yugykookie97 here on vingle! Well I am apart of the DPR Live council! Thank you@Defsoul1994 for letting me be apart of your team!♡ I am so excited to be apart of the team with you and@Jiminsnooder ♡ I can't wait for you all to see what we have planned! Anyways enough of my rambling. Let's get on with some facts about me!

Here are a little facts about me:

•I am the president of the Bts Community

•I am also apart of the JJP council and the Jungkook council

•My favorite color is green

•I love turtles

•My favorite song by DPR Live!♡

"Know Me" ft Dean

I would say more facts but I will save them for my JB Council intro that I will post next

Here are the DPR Live Guidelines!⤵️


♤♧ DPRlive Baddies ♧♤


☆DPR Gang☆Gang Squad☆


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~☆JJP Shake it Crew☆~


K-Monsta Squad:


Tag List:

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