Jhope Fave Song(s)

Ok so this week all my cards seem to be about my fave songs out of each member, weither it be a cover song or off there mixtape. So today Imma share my fave songs off of Jhopes Hixtape. (And yes I do love all the songs but there are some that grab your attention a bit more and these are those songs.)


P.O.P (Peice of Peace) pt.1


I really enjoy this song. It makes me think...the chorus...made me wonder if he realizes how much he is really a piece of peace...his presence makes me calm....as well as this song....he brings a piece of peace to me with his words. (to be fair all the guys do that to me.) Depending on how I feel different songs help me.




Of course I had to add this. Cuz who seriosuly doesnt love this song. I love all the colors and the way it is presented to us.

What is/are your fave song(s) from Hixtape?



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