The Woman in white (oneshot)

I probably shouldn’t be telling you this. In fact, I know I shouldn’t be telling you this but the memory of that night has been haunting me ever since. It was the night of the Halloween party, everyone has their tales of Halloween, how they see scary things in the night and that’s to be expected right? It’s the day people dress up as bleeding, half dead monsters and ghosts come out to play. Of course, I’m too old to believe in things like that. I mean ghost and goblins and creature of the dark don’t exist. The monsters under my bed disappeared when I was ten and I no longer needed my teddy bear to protect me from them. Reality hit me like a truck and I knew the things I wished were real like mermaids and fairies were just myths and stories.

I’ve been rethinking that lately.

You see me and Mr. Park Jaeboem were old friend back in Settle. I was only in Korea for a holiday and he invited me to come to the party. I know it’s gonna be wild whenever Jay is around. He asks me to dress up as a sexy vampiress while ne dresses up as the fly Dracula. I was trying so hard to diss him and choose my own thing but since it was a last-minute thing a vampire costume was the best low Maintenace outfit I could pull off. Plus, I have this hot red dress that I was dying to wear. Any way we get to this big hall that’s been amazingly decked out with Halloween decorations. There’re more than a few streamers there’s everything from statues to a fog blower low on the ground so it’s almost impossible to see your feet. So much for showing off me new shoes. I had some how arrived before Jay, no surprise there, and was upstairs chatting away with some people I had just met.

You know, mingling.

Jay sent me a text that they were coming in and so I excuse myself to go down the steps. I catch sight of him with his buddies and he’s giving me those sexy eyes. I can’t help but smile, I’m flattered that whenever I’m around him it seems like his eyes are always on me. I finally cross the room and get to him and give him a hug. He introduces me to a member of his team, he’s dressed like a pink rabbit which I find hilarious and he explains that he lost a bet. He’s a good-looking guy that goes by the stage name Simon Dominic, he has this cocky smirk that’s kind of charming and swoon worthy. He has these high cheek bones and surprisingly skinny neck that makes him seem almost delicate.

We carry on with the rest of the part, Jay has me dance with him and mingle with his friends. Kiseok, the real name of Simon Dominic, was the only one I hadn’t met before the party so I spent a little more time talking to him than Hyukwoo, otherwise known as Loco, and Seonghwa who went by Gray. I think we were active in the party for about a good three hours before Jay decided we should sneak off. He grabs my hand and leads me out a side door that no one’s paying attention to and we slip out before any more people can stop to speak with him. Me and him run down the street as fast as we can turning right, then left and straight down for about two blocks. At one point, I slipped off my short red heels and held them in my hand as we ran down the cold pavement. We were holding hands and laughing while we ran, the fall wind brushing against our faces blowing our hair back behind us. It was like he was trying to move as fast as a vampire. It was such a good moment. We were happy, it was like we were teenagers again.

Finally, we stop to catch our breath and my lungs are begging to get air again. My throat hurts as if the run that heated up my body clashing with the cold air was warring to find out if I'd get sick or not. Jay is laughing so much but coughing at the same time from the run.

“See that’s what your dumb ass gets for running in the cold.” I joked with him.

He smiles as his labored breaths calm down and his chest isn’t heaving up and down anymore. He walks over to me and scoops me up in his arms. I squeal and call his name before he sets me down and covers my lips with his own. Soft sweet kisses turn into deep ones of desire like we had back when we were in high school. I place my hands on his chest and pull away from him with a soft groan,

“Jay what if somebody sees?” I asked him with a soft sad tone.

We didn’t stay together for a reason, being reminded of the old days only to have to end it again, by the end of the week I’ll be on a flight back to America and he will be here.

“Let them see, maybe that’ll convince you to stay.” he said.

I rolled my eyes and walked away from him, I wasn’t that I was annoyed with him but I just don’t think he understood how hard it was for me to get close to him only to walk away from him again.

“We’ve been over this Jay, I can’t stay here. There’s nothing here for me.”

He caught up to me to wrap his arm around me and he leads me to a bus bench. We sit down with each other and my slight shiver made him take his long cape off and wrap me up in it. I lean into him more to soak up his body heat and I can feel the rhythm of his breathing from his chest moving my cheek up and down.

“I’m here for you.” he said softly.

“Jay, we’ve discussed this. Had I asked you to stay you wouldn’t be where you are right now and if I had gone with you, we would’ve run the risk of me resenting you. We were meant to go separate ways.”

“I can accept that but why are we meant to stay that way? You love Korea, you learned the language, you follow the stars and some of the news, you might as well be a dual citizen. Come on a visa I can look into places for you.”

“Do you know how many years I’ve worked trying to get where I am in America now? I’d have to start over here I can’t and won’t do that.” I said.

He gave me a pouting face but he put up with my protest and kissed my forehead then made it to my nose and succeeded in capturing me in a make out session. Even when I know I’m not supposed to do it, it seems I’m always easily swayed by Jay. We dated in and out of high school until he decided to go to Korea for a training program. When he came back to Seattle we dated again off and on but then he was back to making business. I never blamed him for pursing his dreams but he hated that our dreams kept us away from each other. I hated the same thing.

During the make out session my eyes opens for a moment and I see some sort of figured far down the side walk glowing in white. I get spooked that someone’s watching us and I push Jay away. I can still see her for another second, when Jay asks me what’s wrong and draws my attention away for a moment. I point where I was looking but by the time we look back, the figure is gone. He looks at my concerned face and he caresses my cheek as if that will calm me down. It does for a moment and then he said,

“It’ was probably just someone in costume. It’s okay you don’t have to be scared.”

I slap his arm with a slight attitude,

“I’m not scared!” I said.

He laughed and challenged me,

“Show me.”

We got to kissing again and then it’s like I can feel eyes on me. It’s not just the feeling of being watched though it’s like I can physically feel hate pointing in my direction. It was like a sudden dark cloud came over me and it scared me enough to open my eyes again. I the figure a bit closer now, this time I can see her dressed in all white. Her hair is wet and she’s got a knife in her hand with blood dripping from her dress. I jump up terrified but she’s gone again before Jay can see her. This wasn’t some trick but I was freaking out.

“Ok you need to take me back to the party now.” I said.

“Chill, everything’s okay.”

“No, it’s not I know what I saw. Well not really, I just know that I saw it. Jay take me back please.” I begged him.

He gave in. He took my hand in his and he pulls me along down the street and for a while I start to calm down. I even apologize to Jay for getting so scared. I like Halloween and everything but I don’t like being scared. We’re not even up the block when I hear some horrid screams from behind us. I turned around to look but I don’t see anything.

“You better not tell me you didn’t hear anything.” I tell Jay.

“No, I heard that, it’s probably some kids getting scared.”

I look at Jay in a panic knowing damn well he doesn’t really think that. I can see it all over his face. We hear the screams again and they were blood curdling. I feel fear rush through my body as amounts of adrenaline cause me to shake. My voice even shakes as I say,

“Okay does that sound like kids getting scared to you? It sounds like someone’s killing them.”

“Calm down, we’ll just call the police.”

“And tell them what? We don’t know where it’s coming from what if they think it’s just Halloween spooks?”

The sounds of a woman and a man screaming again come from down the road, somehow it seems closer. Jay goes forward and I’m wondering what the hell he’s doing.

“Hello have you never seen a horror movie?” I say to him.

“We have to find out where to tell the police to go and then we’ll leave okay.” He said

“Just hurry!” I tell him.

He goes down the road and towards the screaming I follow behind him because I don’t want to be left alone. It’s weird because the further we walk towards the screaming the more it seems like it’s moving backwards. I want to tell Jay to just let it be and let’s go back to the party but I can only think about the amount of guilt I’d feel if those people died when we could’ve helped. I just have a bad feeling about this. I feel an immense amount of hate from behind me again. It’s a type of darkness that’s suffocating I turn around slowly hoping I don’t see her again. This woman in white, blood drenching her body and dress.

I turn around sure enough she’s behind me and my screams soon come to life. This time she doesn’t disappear. She’s coming after us with a knife, Jay has turned around and comes in front of me. He backs me up and I try to hold onto him so that he won’t get hurt and he’ll come from me. I can’t even see her eyes it’s like they’ve been so sunken into her head that all that was left where black hollow shadows. It wasn’t a costume, I’m not crazy. I know she was there stalking us. She had a gurgling voice as she said,

“You should be dead. You should be dead.”

Who knew those words said in Korean would be far more terrifying. Her head twisted in some creepy demonic manner and everything in me wanted to run but the amount of fear I was feeling had my feet glued to the ground. I was gripping fiercely to Jay’s shirt I didn’t think I was breathing but my heart was pounding so hard that I was sure they could both hear it. She came closer and it seemed like she disappeared only to be closer to us. If she were a ghost, she couldn’t hurt us, right? She was just some spirit that looked like she could hurt us but then she’d walk right through us.

I want to scream ‘run’ I desperately want my feet to kick up and move us down the road like we were teenagers again. I wanted to move as fast as we had moved when we were ditching the party. What if she wasn’t a ghost? What if she was some psychopath killer, very real and very dangerous. If her knife hits Jay or me we’re sure to be wounded. We’ll be dead. She repeats her words over and over again and for the first time I’m noticing how alone we are on this street. It’s like everyone on this side of Seoul disappeared or went to bed early. Did no one else hear those screams or did they blame it all on Halloween? I wish I had the answer.

Before I knew it, she’s coming at us faster, it’s like she’s gotten angrier that we’re alive. She doesn’t want us here. Jay finally runs and pulls me with him. We run down the street but we get closer to the screams that we heard earlier. Why were they still happening? They sounded far crueler and terrified than before. Have you ever heard something so frightening that it reached deep to your core. It shook your very being and not just in a physical way but almost psychically, like a part of me knew that this danger was very real and perhaps those screaming voices weren’t other people getting murdered but our own screams. I didn’t know if that was possible but as we ran all I knew was that I couldn’t think. My feet kept moving matching Jay’s speed even in those short heels. My body refused to slow down. I think even if we reached a safe point Jay would’ve had to have yanked me back and hold me down to keep from running. That’s the terror I felt, like no matter how much my legs ached, my arms hurt or how out of breath I was if I didn’t keep running, I was dead. If Jay didn’t keep running, he was dead.

I turn to look behind me for a moment and she’s gone but we can’t stop running, until I turn around and look back to see if she’s still there.


We don’t stop running we can’t just yet. I think we’ve gone three or four blocks down in this frenzy before we finally stop and wait. Jay wraps his arms around me as fi to protect me. I watch over his back to make sure I don’t see this woman again. It’s silent but not dead silent. The street is mostly still, there are people walking around from the convenience store to their apartments. Jay let’s me go to look around and we both look at each other.

“What was that?” He asked me.

I was afraid to answer. I didn’t know what she was. Jay places his forehead against mine and suggestion we call hail a taxi to get back to the party before the rest of this night gets a little too weird.

“Can I go back to your place? I don’t want to be alone.” I told him.

I can see his sweet smile, I know Jay cares about me a lot. As much as I care about him to be very honest. His smile says that he’s happy I want him to be with me. He’s happy that I need him and that I’ll be staying at his place. He tells me of course like it was a stupid question to ask in the first place. We lean against a building and watch people pass by and Jay waits to see a taxi go by. He finally gets one to come down and we get in. He asks us where we’re going, and Jay gives him the address of the party again. I just leaned against Jay’s shoulder and he hold my hand in his. I think his heart rate has gone back to normal mine slowly getting there. Jay’s body is warm and he’s so comfortable that I’m tempted to fall asleep on his chest.

My eyelids got heavy and I blinked slowly a few times trying to make myself stay awake. My eyes finally closed but when I’m half way drifted off to sleep Jay jumps up and screams,

“Look out!”

I’m pushed up from him and catch a quick glimpse of our bloody assailant standing in the street. The taxi driver hits the breaks, turns the wheel and before I know it we’ve skidded across the road and hit a street light. It falls on the top of the car and Jay’s side of the taxi has been wrapped around the pole. The driver is in the front seat unconscious and I hit my head in the car. I can hear her slowly chanting,

“Die. Die. Die.”

Any energy I could use for fear has slipped out of me before I could realize I was scared. My eyes shut and I’m in darkness….

It took Jay a few two months to recover after the accident. He needed a lot of bed rest and at one point he slipped into a mini coma after a surgery he went through. The taxi driver survived as well, he had a concussion and when I woke up in the hospital two days later the police had shown up again to ask me what had happened. A woman in white was standing in the road, she was covered in blood and had no face, but she had a knife in her hand. Jay screamed, and the car screeched.

A woman in white with no face was hardly a description but when I had told them we had saw her earlier on another block and we heard horrific screams there, the officers looked at each other. They told me that they had other reports that night of people screaming and that they saw someone dressed in white with a knife. They thought it was a Halloween prank too and people were just getting scared. Other reports before then had resurfaced where people saw a woman in white wondering that same block and then disappearing into a certain apartment room door. People made reports about it but no one ever believed the reports. When I came back home, I did some research and find out that a girl had killed her best friend and her boyfriend in the apartment that she was living in with them. The girl had become jealous of their relationship and she was obsessed and in love with her friend’s man. She figured if she couldn’t have him no one could but she also had to kill the friend too. At least, that’s what the reports had theorized.

Maybe that’s what she meant by ‘you were supposed to be dead’ maybe she thought we were them. Ever since then I’ve been too scared to go back to Korea. I can’t go back to even visit Jay. I care a lot about him but I’m still uncertain of what we saw that night. I think it was her evil spirit but when I say that out loud, I end up calling myself crazy because ghost don’t exist right?



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