Recommend KDrama: Color of Women

Ello! I hope everyone is having a good weekend! Today I got a lil review/recommendation.

You can find this KDrama both on Netflix and on Viki. Its from back in 2012 but has popped up on Netflix making me want to watch.

question is:

Are you up for a catty Kdrama? Cause this will hit the spot!

A Quick Look At The Cast And How long it is!

The color of women came out in Dec 2011 to Feb 2012 and Consists of 20 episodes.

The Main cast is 4 people:

Side note Lee Hyun Jae from "Shut up! Flower boy band" is also an supporting actor in the show)Side note Lee Hyun Jae from "Shut up! Flower boy band" is also an supporting actor in the show)

A Few close ups of each person will also be good, gah they have changed a bit in several Years.

Summary of the Color of Women:

2 Women who live together live complete opposite lives as each other. One is all about work and following a set of ethical rules both in the way she works and in the way she lives. she doesn't care about her looks but more so the beauty within.

The other woman is a model and a complete mess at home and only cares about her looks. These 2 women have several things in common though. They both find themselves working at the same Cosmetic Company in different departments and the same taste in men!

That's where the drama kicks in as they are into the same man. Joon So is the male equivalent to Byron So ra who follows ethics to T and a complete clean freak Show. He is the main man who runs the Cosmetic Company and has both women eying him up.

So which female will get him?

The beauty within

Or the external Beauty?

Its his choice!

My thoughts:

I ended up realizing by the 3rd episode that I watched this drama way back when it came out and had to look around to realize it was by a slightly different name of Viki and put 2 and 2 together.

continued watching lol.

This Kdrama is a hot mess! Not in a bad way but more like a spider web.

There is so many people trying to show allegiance and under handed attacks on each other that it causes alot of Drama. Its not just trying to see a love story blossom, but work place romances always take it to a whole new level. Adding in a love triangle is extremely humorous in this show since the ways his Secretary tries to get his attention only to have him react a completely different way then she wanted it entertaining.

Its a cat fight here and there and is a light tv watch where you dont have to focus to hard on everything because chances are that bit of info in needed gets repeated several times.

And I just gotta say it, Both women are beautiful, So Ra being perceived as an internal beauty is just cause that is what her character characterized herself as.

If you havent seen the drama yet and are up for a entertaining love story this will be up your alley!!

Until Next week.

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