IZ*ONE's 'La Vie En Rose' Was Originally Meant For CLC?

So I guess CLC have been preparing for a comeback since May of this year and the comeback song was supposed to be 'La Vie En Rose' which was later released by newly formed girl group IZ*ONE (Produce 48.)

Here's the demo version by CLC, only a small amount of the song was leaked:

So what I've seen as a rumor is the Producer of this song left Cube Entertainment so therefore the song went with him. CLC who had been preparing to comeback with this song since May were forced to stop. I guess they've been releasing spoilers hinting at the song for it too.

I'm so surprised because upon first listen I thought this sounded like a song CLC would release. I'm so sad for the girls who've practiced so long for this but no hard feelings to IZ*ONE cause they rocked the song too!

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