BTS Producer says that wrong mix was played during MGA performance

Netizens have started to criticize BTS members and Charlie Puth for having awkward vocals during their performance at the MGA award ceremony recently. I personally thought they were tired, nervous, or hey, just had a bad night (not that it was even that bad, it just wasnt pure bts perfection as usual)

Turns out, the sound guy played the wrong mix for Fake Love. They had to improvise and guess how the music would go.

And while BTS might be able to adapt quickly to their own song, poor Charlie was STRESSED. This was his first time performing with that song and to have it be the wrong mix, not the one he practiced with? Ugh I do not envy him.

Glad they were so professional as always and all finished the show brilliantly but mannnnn I hope they dont feel too down, there was no way they could have done any better than the great show they put on!

Here it is:

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